The Lincoln Project's new ad: Navy Seal asks why Trump isn't "stomping the living shit out" of the Russians

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“I’m a pro-life gun-owning combat veteran”
well that kind of sounds like one base supporter turned against him how many more to go?

99 base supporters on the wall, 99 base supporters
act like a clown, one comes down, 98 base supporters

98 base supporters on the wall …


I sent this video to my republican leaning Vietnam War veteran father yesterday. I haven’t heard back so either I hit a chord or he’s ignoring it like most republicans seem to be. I hope it’s not the latter.

P.S. I can’t shake the feeling that George Conway is going to pull a fast one…


Jesus Christ, these ads get more and more brutal every time.

I mean, it sorta sad that the best anti-Trump ads aren’t from the Democrats, but from Republicans.


look I want trump gone as much as anyone, three years ago if possible

but this whole thing is quite possibly the single most stupid vapor-lock by the media in modern history, it’s even more stupid than “her emails”

who. the. fuck. cares.

it’s a goddamn war

it’s people signing up to DIE, yes, you are saying “do whatever you want with me, even send me into flying bullets without gear or armor like Iraq, force re-enlist me 100 times like Iraq”

and what the fuck are you defending? people wanting the right to go to the supermarket and cough on anyone they want without a mask, that’s what you are fighting for, wasn’t the issue when this happened but plenty of other stupid you are fighting for

you want people to care about war? about soldiers dying? make a mandatory draft for every man and woman, everyone in congress, every cop that wants to play soldier, send them all into war zones and that will be the end of war

meanwhile it doesn’t matter if the bomb or bullet was from another country’s enlisted soldier or they were ironically slapping down american bills to kill americans, it’s the same damn difference

this is like crime 923 of probably 1500 trump has done so far, he won’t suffer a day in his remaining life, he’ll just go back to watching TV 24/7 next year while the country tries to put out all the damn fires he started for the next two decades

remember when Bush finally left the whitehouse after Iraq and the economic crash and how they said republicans will never even be able to sell dog food again? we’ll we’ve been eating worse than dog food past three years, they’ve been shoveling dog sh*t and laughing the whole way while they load the courts for the century


In what way…care to elaborate?

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I do.

These events are very GD close to an act of war yet the POTUS DID NOTHING. And will DO NOTHING.

trump continues to get down on his knees in front of Putin every chance he gets. Aiding and abetting an enemy or dereliction of duty whatever you call it, I care.

“If this does not count as treason, I don’t know what does,” - Seth Moulton (D-Mass)

IDK Do you trust the husband of a trump sycophant? I do not.


So lets see…

Russians put bounty on American Servicemen - Trump coddles Russian leader.

Peaceful protestors object to racism - Trump stomps the shit out of them.

Yup, he’s right, trumps a big chicken.


ok. in that perspective…no. However, that would be one long and involved con on his part.


Trump’s reply: My doctor gave me a slip excusing me from “stomping” because of bone spurs. Or maybe it was something else. I forget…


This is a good ad. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might actually donate to a Republican campaign project.


But in a war one does not work on the enemy’s behalf in the international community or try to decrease the enemy’s economic hardships previously imposed by one’s own government.

If Russia is targeting U.S. soldiers, they deserve repercussions from the U.S. (or can we at least settle for lack of altruistic aid?).

I find this ad a little too “Let’s kick their ass” rather than focusing on economic and international consequences, but I am not the target audience.


I’m not sure the right message is the US should be stomping the shit out of Russia - that just means more protracted conflict with a nuclear power and their proxies, no thanks. Never get involved with a land war in Asia and all that. However, outright praising and encouraging a dictator is also a bad look. There are plenty of other tools available, sanctions etc. And the Lincoln Project is just hearkening back to Regan era Republicanism.

The Dems are running out of time to claim the high ground here, and it will look bad on them in 4 years time when THEY are the target of Lincoln Project ads.


4 years ago you woulda told me I’d be agreeing with a militaristic pro-life republican edge lord type, and I’d a been “No seriously gtfo!”


It’s like those 80s cartoons when G.I. Joe and Cobra team up to fight some global threat like aliens or something. I want to go back to opposing everything the guy in this ad stands for instead of being allied with him against this bigger threat.



I mean, do want you want, of course. But these are temporary friends, and they are well funded. Some down ballot folks could use your help.


Two years. Mid-terms.
On the other hand, it’s possible that they and Biden Democrats will merge, and the AOC Democrats will be a new party. Might take some time to become official, but I could see a new two party system emerge along those lines.


What is the Lincoln Project’s endgame? They want Trump gone. Do they want him gone PRIOR to the elections and subbed out with another Republican candidate? Or do they want Pence in there? Do they want Biden to win?

I get the Trump hate - we all do - but what will they see as a victory?


I think these are great questions, well put.

I think they’re trying to retreat back to the 80’s style GOP, but that’s still pretty odious IMO.

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IMO - they are playing the long game. They think 4 more years of Trump will be a detriment to America and the party.

They may not come out and directly endorse Biden, but he is a centrist who honestly doesn’t look too different than a 90s Republican. If he is in office, the status quo is mostly restored, and if they keep control of the Senate and/or House, they can limit hes effectiveness while in office (similar to how they stymied Obama).