Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt: "Trump's betrayal to U.S. troops is impossible to overstate"

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He’s your guy Steve, own it!


Finally, someone getting the messaging right in a campaign against Trump.


Let’s not over-generalize. The Oompa-Loompas were the only ones in the whole factory who were willing to offer straight-talking guidance regarding poor life decisions.


We tried, but sadly, the bar for that is highly politicized, and there is a room full (well, half a room full) of federal elected officials who have gone on record (hopefully for the remainder of their lives) as being pretty much okay with his high crimes and misdemeanors.


Thanks for the new talking points against the idiots who get all worked up about Colin Kaepernick and the take-a-knee protests!

Which is a greater betrayal:kneeling during the national anthem at a sporting event or handing our elections, that so many Americans have fought and died to defend, over to a hostile foreign power?

My guess is that is a better point in the near term than the bounty scandal, which wing nuts are still in full denial phase about.


Nit: Betray OF troops, not TO troops.

Donny Boy meets the constitutional definition of treason. Most GOPs support the traitor. America is fucked.


Certainly happy that this wakes people up, but its completely consistent with how trump has operated from day 1. If you are just taking note now, you’ve not really been paying attention.

Remember – we could be rid of him tomorrow. McConnell sits down with Pelosi, and we fast walk impeachment from the house to the Senate in 24hrs, he’s gone, and the GOP has their president Pence consolation prize.

You’re all reading that saying, don’t kid yourself, that’s never going to happen. Exactly why this needs to be expanded to:

GOP’s Betrayal of US Troops is Impossible to Overstate.

And we need to be Stating that far and wide right now till they get off their asses and get rid of him, or ruin themselves for the Nov elections.


And not just day 1 of his presidency, but his candidacy… (because, if nothing else, he was coming in with his history as a businessman, and his many public statements of political opinion, of which this is just an extension).


…Did he just quote Game of Thrones?

At least Joffrey had the excuse of being a 13-year-old child. (Or a few years older than that in the TV version.)

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“Russia’s well-documented program of paying bounties for dead American soldiers.”

Note the “well documented.”

When you live in Trumpworld you live in an alternate reality where anything well-documented can still be denied as “inconclusive.”

See also: Russian collusion.


I fully believe that in 2016 water was wet and apples fell from the tree due to gravity. I also fully believe that in 2016, 45 was an ignorant racist ass and most of the people voting for him were as well. Nothing’s changed.

So hopefully the non-ignorant-racists-asses will get off their asses and vote this time.


Steve Schmidt made the Republican Party what it is today, or at least what it was as recently as 2018 when he quit the party. He was a collaborator. I like that he’s now fighting Trump, better late than never. But I’m not interested in his opinion today, when he spent so many years not just wrong about everything, but making a career of it.


Yes. And slightly OT, but I find it infuriating that the take a knee protests are even a thing people dare to get angry about. You can see from the camera sweeping the arenas (in the before times) that people are going in and out of the bathroom, waiting in line for beer, carrying hotdogs to their seats, etc. How is that not “disrespecting the anthem” but practicing your first amendment right to draw attention to societal injustice in a respectful and quiet way is?


The most invidious thing here is that so many ( in gop mainly) have always known about what Trump is capable of, what he is. Even before he was elected. And yet, in spite of all this, day upon day of total aberration Trump remains fairly secure because to odorous characters like Mitch McConnel have happy hitched to Trump’s wagon for personal enrichment and power and will seemingly do anything to keep things as they are.
This is not about politics and hasn’t been for some time. It is the fabric of the society that Trump and his acolytes are happily tearing to pieces with the aim of more power, more wealth… ad nauseam. It’s truly bleak time we are in. Thank heavens for the Lincoln Project et al. But I am surely not alone in being somewhat desperate to see something actually be done to pry these criminals lose from the power they have cravenly sought. I just feel exhausted and dispirited because all we see is that crime pays. bigly. And they will never stop even if it means rigging the election in Trump’s favour. It’s not paranoid, it’s a distinct possibility. America is damaged enough god knows it will no withstand four more years of this nightmare.


To be fair, at least some of the folks who really get worked up about also get worked up about that, especially when people wear a hat during the anthem (to an extreme, such as the veteran who body-slammed a kid for refusing to take off his hat).

But most of the pushback against the take a knee protests is just straight up racism. It’s the attitude that the athletes are subservient to the spectator, which is especially galling to the racists when the athletes are making millions of dollars, and so they should be “grateful” and “know their place.”

Ugh, I need to wash out my mouth just from typing that in scare quotes. :nauseated_face:


We all know mainstream Republicans don’t really like Turmp, and only support him out of corruption. But on the rare occasions when one of them breaks ranks it’s interesting to look at why they don’t like him. His bigotry and authoritarianism don’t come up much, so I guess the “good guy” Republicans at the Lincoln Project are fine with that part. The complaint is always that he lacks the character and competence to do his supposed job.

Well, no shit: your own voters elected him because he’s not a president. They voted not to have a president, and will keep doing so, because you spent 40 years telling them “government is the problem” (and working to make it true), and now they’re behaving just like you trained them to.


No time to check, but I feel like many Republican presidents start new wars as part of reelection campaigns.
So while it may be tempting to really lean in and exploit this out of all Trump’s weaknesses, considering that ‘his base’ may finally concede us the moral high ground, does anyone think there’s any risk of pushing the republicans closer to starting a foreign war before Nov?