Storytime with The Lincoln Project! Listen to brief excerpts from niece Mary Trump's tell-all book

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Required watching before every one of the videos from the Lincoln Project:

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Yeah, a bunch of never-trumpers who have no actual problem with the policies, just with the guy at the top making them look bad.

I have no use for The Lincoln Project. It’s a scam.


One needn’t be virtuous or trustworthy to make a useful ally against an evil that poses a mutual threat.


If I close my eyes…I’d swear this is Ving Rhames


Except that FDR didn’t adopt Stalin’s policies after the war.

What do you think Biden is going to do when the LP makes that congratulatory call?


You think Biden is going to somehow be beholden to the people who run the LP and adopt their policy proposals because they ran some ads that some snarky people on the internet shared back and forth?


Yes. But not because he’s beholden, because he’s a worthless centrist.


So it doesn’t matter what anyone does, then, does it?


In this case though, I don’t think there is a need for help. Democrats and progressives can defeat Trump without the Lincoln Project.

And you heard it from Rick Wilson - they are happy to accept help from across the spectrum. Well isn’t that lovely and wow it’s so great they’ve have been fighting Trump for the last 4 years months. They are positioning themselves to take credit for Trump’s defeat.


The Lincoln Project isn’t for you to donate to or even like and support.

The Lincoln Project is for sending to your Trump loving family member or still deluded right leaning libertarian friend. To give them a mountain of evidence and a logical out. To show there is a core of true conservatives who are willing to do what has to be done for what is best for the nation (and party). To get them to vote Democrat for the first time it their lives, perhaps, or at least stay home. You don’t have to marry them or even put them on the Christmas Card list. The day after the election, you can kick them out of bed, give them a poptart, and send them on their way.

This is why the Democrats are fucking garbage as a political party. Worried about purity tests and shit. Do you want the other side in office? No? Then do what ever you can to get your guy in, even if he isn’t very good either. If you feel both are garbage, follow the policy of “least harm”.


And it will be great if we do. But if we are to survive as a nation it will take more than just people who identify as Democrats and Progressives to reject Trumpism. It will require a substantial portion of the people who identify as Republicans and Conservatives and Centrists and Libertarians to reject Trumpism too.

I don’t support the Republican agenda but it’s still a genuine good for everyone if Republicans turn on Trump. That doesn’t mean we have to be best friends.


2016 is on the phone and would like a word with you.

Or they, like we, just want him the fuck out of office because he’s bad for America and the world. Look, I know it’s an unpopular opinion around these parts, but two people with opposing policy preferences can both love this country and want what’s best for it and its people, while still believing fully that their policies and not the other guy’s will deliver the better outcomes.

I just don’t get all the carping about people investing large sums of money and significant talent while trying to cooperate in achieving the same immediate goal we’re all pushing for.


I posted that video to help folks be aware of who they are dealing with when watching LP content. A disclaimer, nothing more. If one chooses to send the videos to trumper parents et al so be it. The more exposure and negative messaging about trump the better because fuck that guy.


I’m not saying they need to be silenced or something.

I’m saying, as a member of the political left, they don’t deserve 1 second of my attention nor 1 cent of my donations. They should be completely ignored by the left, as they are not true allies. They’re going to turn around and use that money to further the goals of the authortarian right, since that’s who makes up their leadership.

They want to save the Republican party from itself. I have no interest in that goal. I’d be happy to see the Republican party tear itself apart.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. still my enemy.


True, but the world does have categories beyond “friend” and “enemy.” “Co-belligerent” being a useful one, in my opinion.


I’m not giving them any money either, but for Democrats to ignore what they are doing would be akin to FDR and Churchill ignoring where Stalin was marshaling his forces against Germany.

In the very least the presence of the ads means the Democrats don’t need to direct as much of their own resources toward getting those particular messages out.


For example, there was a time when we unironically used phrases like “loyal opposition” to describe a rival political party.


Hell, Rick Wilson, in addition to his LP videos, is hand delivering an election strategy to Dems via a book as well: