"Pampered princeling" Kushner gets his own Lincoln Project treatment

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Made for an audience of one.

See also: recent reports that the WH itself is buying ad time on Fox’s DC outlet to fluff his ego.

Which is vile.


I like the Secretary of Failure title. Seems dignified and appropriate.


I’ll be glad to see the back of this blank-eyed idiot whose family had to pay millions to get him into college.


Before 45, the family would have been a bunch of obscurely rich, crooked morons, not worth a footnote in history books.

Now their stunning incompetence and failure is world history.


I love the little seed they plant to irk Trump when he watches this, about 6 seconds in where it says “Some say he’s even more powerful than Trump” (paraphrase)… I mean that’s just there to piss off Trump.


The family is still a bunch of obscurely rich, crooked morons, but history books need to point that out and explain why.

Assuming books will still be legal if 45 wins.


Assuming books will still be legal if 45 wins.

Some might even be required reading…


Don’t get me wrong, I love these Lincoln Project ads but we should all know from where this comes. Here is an interesting take-down of the really horrible people behind the Lincoln Project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZI8PAJcgHg


Except that there is so much more dirt on Kushner… his handling of COVID19 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pro Publica has done a lot of great reporting on him. From how he got into Harvard, his skeevy real estate practices, to of course his ineptitude in handling the COVID19 response.

There’s also a great podcast on his family background.


In this case, it might be an audience of three.

Two if you count Jared and Ivanka as a single person.


Did you notice that they repeated the shot where he sort of shushes trump through the door?


If the ad (with a narrator who’s attitude makes one nearly turn against the message; the producer should be fired!) does not not touch Trump, either Jared nor Ivanka give a shit; so clearly made for an audience of 1 :wink:

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I’m sure his book with rank right up there with Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Christ.


If you look in on “Echo of Truth” you can enjoy the autobiography of Kim Il Sun, “With the Century”, on North Korea’s Youtube channel…

Probably a good primer for our coming governmental configuration.

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The horrible people behind The Lincoln Project have one thing going for them - they want Biden over Trump and are putting a lot of effort into making that happen.


This administration really is failsons all the way down.

Not nearly as bad as the White House giving Trump misleading coronavirus charts to fluff his ego.

Only if it involves seeing his back as he walks into jail, though.

Yes and no. Trump has put Kushner into certain roles where he absolutely expected him to be successful (and he hasn’t been). But yes, Jared’s been useful for a number of illegal dealings, no doubt. There’s a reason why Trump stuck a family member in those positions, but also not a blood relation.


Unfortunately, [K] hasn’t been a failure in the eyes of the Traitor in Chief. He’s done everything Cheetolini wanted done. He’s been a useful tool that blame can be shunted onto, and he’s served as a funnel for billions of dollars in dark money campaign contributions, slush funds, and bribes. He’s been a great example of how far a man can get if he willingly discards any shred of humanity.

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Totally. 100% down with any help we can get. But their agenda is far more nefarious then simply dethroning Trump, they are also very cleverly trying to siphon centrist Dems over to their “friendly” conservatism. One in which they deify Reagan and Bush. I’ll still watch their ads. :slight_smile:


It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s not a game at all, real people (myself included, as an immigrant now trapped in the US and unable to return if I leave) are affected.

you cut out the worst parts of the infection first then work on neutralizing the remaining bits after.