The Lincoln Project: Today's new ad features Trump and his 'slow the testing down' line

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“My people. Not your people. Not our people. My people.”


A lot of people are angry that the Democrats aren’t the ones running these ads but I’m just as satisfied to see Republicans tear down Trump. With luck the Democrats can then focus on putting together some positive, aspirational vision of what they want the country to be (if they have one) or at least save more of their campaign resources for later (if they don’t).


Honest question: being GOP what is their end game here? A different nominee for the ballot?


I guess they’d be really pleased with that, but can’t see it as a realistic endgame for anyone at this point. I’d suggest they’d settle with Trump losing to Biden, which seems by far the most likely Trump-not-winning outcome.


This is what “slow the testing down” looks like to me:


I think they’re worried that another 4 years of Dolt 45 will destroy the country and the economy. They will accept Biden and his pick for VP as a means to repair the damage that’s been done to everything in the US since January of 2017. You can bet the Repubs will be very careful with screening their potential candidates for the 2024 election. They don’t mind evil and corrupt but won’t condone the combination of stupid and headstrong that the current occupant of the WH embodies. They certainly won’t let any of his family near their future political campaigns as candidates or contributors.



Now I have to give $20 to a conservative PAC?.

Well, if it works it’s $20 well spent.


Yeah, once the bubble pops, the GOP is going to have to rebuild entirely. As uniquely awful as he is, trump is just the endgame (hopefully) of the policies they’ve been pushing since the Southern Strategy. I’m not saying they’re going to reform, but so many people who were willing to accept their most heartless policies have been forced to reevaluate their support. These ads are aimed squarely at them.

They also happen to be damn entertaining for everyone else.


Wow! The body bag flag scene is spine chilling!

What a perfect metaphor for Trump’s willful disregard of American lives for the sake of his ego.


Seems to me that it’s more effective when the shade is coming from their own ranks.


Agreed but, Dems are forever weenies. Just once I’d like to see some aggressive tactics employed by the NPR crowd. Just once is all I ask.

I think they’d be surprised by how many people would approve.


No argument there.


Historically, the Republican party has been fiscally conservative (they would say “responsible”), in favor of small/decentralized government, anti-government waste, and pro-business. However, they made a deal with the devil when they let the social conservatives have too much control, and they have been tearing themselves apart. And fiscally, unlike the “tax and spend Democrats” they lately have been “spend and borrow.” And meanwhile, the proles are getting the pitchforks ready.

I suspect they hope that when Biden takes the extreme steps that will be needed to get things back on track, they can then hang him with that and get their own guy or gal back in four years from now who will be pro business, allowing the Democrats again to take the fall for doing what they know needs to be done.


Agreed. It’s also harder for Trump fans to flip the message back on Biden that way.

If Biden’s main message is “look at Trump, what an incompetent asshole” then the Republican response will be “YOU’RE the incompetent asshole!!”

If Biden lets Republicans call Trump an incompetent asshole and lets his main message be “Biden is a grown-up with actual plans for how to run the country in a way that won’t kill us all” then it’s harder for the Republicans to just default to “I know you are but what am I??” mode.


When was the last time any of that besides “pro-business” (for certain types of businesses" was true?

I agree that it’s their marketing slogan. But, they’ve been super into their spending for a long time now. And, they’re only small government when they agree with you, if it’s about controlling someone they don’t like, there’s always more government.


Probably a generation since that was true-- when they made their deal with the devil.


Thanks to Citizens United the Project can get away with having all of their contributors be anonymous and outside of restrictions on campaign spending and contributions. The Biden campaign can say, completely truthfully, that they’re not running the massively negative ads and have no control over them.


He wants to slow down the tests, when he said March 6th that anyone who wants a test, gets a test…


I think they’re just trying to bring some semblance of sanity back to the GOP even if it means getting Biden elected in the meantime. There was a time when the GOP was comprised of smart people who could offer intelligent debate and invited opposing views. Watch clips of “Firing Line” on YouTube to see what I mean. I didn’t agree with much of what the GOP said back then but at least they usually acted like adults. Things went downhill with the Newt Gingrich era and have continued to slide. Newt introduced the tabloid-style approach where it was all flash and no substance. Now the GOP resort name calling and insults as a way to address their opponents.