Republican party more or less doomed to Trumpism, white supremacy, self-loathing


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And yet it lasts.


To be fair, it’ll be fun in hindsight when he loses and the GOP (hopefully) looses the house and senate.


It turns out that most of us Conservatives care more about crushing groups we fear and hate than we do about reducing corporate tax rates.*


  • Trump 2016!


And yet he’ll still win ~25 states.


American conservatives appear, generally, to be sufficiently religiously motivated to become social pariahs. Once they decide to start becoming actual martyrs…that’s when we’re well and truly fucked.


As ye sow so shall ye reap…which wouldn’t be so bad if those of us who didn’t do the sowing weren’t also affected by the harvest.


I think that’s true. Which is strange because Trump goes really easy on the Jesus talk.


Loose them on whom?


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The future of conservative media: today, Breitbart. Tomorrow, Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines.


It will continue to be “fun to watch” until Trump loses the election, and the angry mobs come out to claim “we wuz robbed”, targeting . . . whoever they decide is to blame-- Muslims, Mexicans, liberals, the media, vampires, hobbits, squirrels, each other. . . .


Saying this without sarcasm, so, basically, you’re projecting that Rush Limbaugh basically overshot the Overton Window before Trump moved it?


I’m pretty convinced it’ll be worse if Trump wins.


What ever happened to both parties are exactly the same?


Who said that?


I didn’t mean to imply you - just every TV station and newspaper ever.


One party finally went full lizardman, and as for the other…
The engines caught fire and the demons they kept threatening to summon stepped out of the portal and the whole mess is poised to crash into a city near you.


I don’t know. I guess a Trump victory might mean they’ll think they have free reign to just start bashing heads of anyone wearing a turban, but the cops and courts will still have to do their jobs, so a lot of Trumpniks will end up in jail.

The thing is, a Trump loss means anger for them, and that is a bigger motivation for violence. A victory will probably placate them, because “now Trump will get shit done!” After one term when he hasn’t gotten shit done, then what?


If we could only get rid of the gerrymandering crap for federal offices, then things might look up. But while that garbage still exists, we’ll still have to deal with GOP trying to destroy the country in the name of whatever the hell it is.

As for the states, if they want to leave, let them. Just let me get out of Tennessee first.