Fox host Neil Cavuto tells Trump to start acting like a president


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Oh…well, no one tried that before…I am sure everything will be so much better now. /s


Well, I’m sure the president will take this criticism on board and give it due consideration - and then attack Neil Cavuto. I mean, seriously - where has Neil been for the last year+ that he thinks the president is a rational being who will understand his message and alter his behavior?




You can’t ask a duck to be a tiger. Drumph’s personality was set by the time he was seven, and he isn’t going to change for any reason. He still enjoys being seven, throwing sand at everyone in the playground.


Neil Cavuto, if the Trump tax cuts go through:

And for the rest of us, whatever trickles off the pant leg.


I would give Cavuto his due if he instead said “…start acting like President Obama.”


Even were Trump temporarily be able to act like President - it would still be just an act.


Ah, but in this case, the duck’s staff only gives him information that says he’s already a tiger, and the best tiger ever, at that. So he has no reason not to continue doing what he’s been doing since he was seven.

I wonder about this, sometimes, while watching Colbert. Does Trump know how much of the country is laughing at him? I’ll bet not, since his staff only gives him copies of polls that show his approval ratings to be good, and articles praising him. Trump might see Cavuto, but probably thinks Cavuto is an extreme outlier, who is jealous of him. And we all know Trump doesn’t read (much).


My personal theory is that Fox executives started seeing their number improve among leftists after all of the praise for Shep Smith and are asking some of their commentators who haven’t staked-out hard-right territory to start taking contrary views on Trump. Who knows, maybe market forces will be what Fox needs to actually become a viable news source.


I give Cavuto a week before the “Aw, I can’t stay mad at you,” kicks in and I’m probably being generous with that.


We wish that was what he was doing at seven. Donnie was actually throwing rocks at toddlers.

He can’t even muster the appropriate behavior for a seven-year-old.


Could we be approaching the day when the Fox & Friends hosts have a spectacular breakdown on live TV, possibly due to missing whatever powerful drug cocktail they need to keep going out there? I reckon the day Trump loses those folks is when things might really get rolling.


That day when the beaver that lives on Hannity’s head wakes up and eats him?


Neil Cavuto may have just thrown his job away imploring a rabid racoon to stop biting people. I’ll get the popcorn started…


I imagine it being like the face melting scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, just without a magic box.


From @Shuck posted article :

_In elementary school, Donny impressed classmates with his… refusal to acknowledge mistakes, even one so trivial as misidentifying a popular professional wrestler. No matter his pals’ ridicule, one recalled, he doubled down, insisting wrestler Antonino Rocca’s name was “Rocky Antonino.”

He was essentially banished from the family home,” said his biographer, Michael D’Antonio.

I suspect that Trump would insist that his biographer change his own name to Rocky… just to keep the runaway car of insanity going.


Hey, he knows how to be presidential, lets enable a pedophile:



If Trump loses Fox, who’s left? Breitbart? I hear even Redstate doesn’t like him.