Panoramic image of Curiosity Rover under Mars's night sky




So are the constellations the same on mars?


Essentially the same. Differences would not be noticeable until well outside the solar system.


I am straining to find the pale blue dot. :wink:


Cant find Phobos and Deimos, any clue where are them?


It is cool how pictures, of Curiosity Rover on Mars, always seem too be in “Third Person” perspective.


Just above and to the left of Curiosity’s rectangular “head”, there is a nearly featureless rock. I suspect this is Phobos.


i think nasa should release an actual version of this, maybe using something like this:

street view on mars MUST happen…someone get on this!




Evidence of Mini Martian Shai-Hulud?


Or evidence of a grand race of Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Minor gripe: If I understand correctly, this image is a stitched comp of the following two images,

Digital Art Compilation Curiosity Rover's Self Portrait at "John Klein" Drilling Site NASA's Mars Exploration Program (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS) VISTA telescope: 9 billion pixel photo of a Milky Way European Southern Observatory (Image credit: ESO/VVV Consortium, Ignacio Toledo, Martin Kornmesser)

So, yeah great, but is Curiosity’s camera not able to do night shots? Kinda bummed it’s not the real Martian night sky.

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