Papercraft vintage computers

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Nice touch with the baked beans, there. Same also with the fancy-ass Mac packaging materials. Wouldn’t be an Apple without it.

Pretty neat, but my favourite on his’ site is the CatPod:


I doubled my memory when I upgraded from a Dragon 32 to an Amstrad CPC 464. Fond memories of “type ins” from Amstrad Action magazine - an entire program, written in BASIC, printed in 6pt type, which you could type in to program a game. Those were the days.

It also had a nice analogue/digital crossover thing where you could turn the volume up on the integrated tape deck and listen to the data loading. I could tell if there was going to be a read error several seconds before the screen showed it just from the sound.


I briefly programmed one of these to port a game from the Spectrum. By the standards of their time they were quite nice - adequate colour, and it was a delight to use a decent keyboard after the squishy Spectrum.

Can anyone remember the name of the game shown on the screen of the Sinclair Spectrum version? (Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Papercraft Design — Rocky Bergen)

I remember it was associated with a very nice plasticine stop motion children’s TV show.

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That’s The Trap Door which as you mention is a tie-in with the stop motion show of the same name.


Excellent ! Thank you.

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