Parrot at the Ministry of Funny Walks

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Déjà vu:

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Yeah, but can it dance? (turn the sound down if you hate Gangnam Style, but it is the best dancing to Gangnam style that you will see)

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Who does this parrot thinks it is? John Cleese?

I’m hoping this is in among the linked caique beautiful-weirdness videos here, but for easy reference:

There’s a lot more of this type of walking here.
Much less cute though.

It’s a parrot, not a duck.

Solitary confinement warps an active brain, yo.
Silly walks now, making a tiny noose outta something perhaps not too far off.

I think this one was cuter (and showed that the artiste has a feathered friend, so hopefully not deprived of stimulation):

Then I saw this and was all like huuuuuuhhhh???

Ah Japan, how I adore thee.

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