Parrot at the Ministry of Funny Walks


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Déjà vu:


Yeah, but can it dance? (turn the sound down if you hate Gangnam Style, but it is the best dancing to Gangnam style that you will see)


Who does this parrot thinks it is? John Cleese?


I’m hoping this is in among the linked caique beautiful-weirdness videos here, but for easy reference:


There’s a lot more of this type of walking here.
Much less cute though.


It’s a parrot, not a duck.


Solitary confinement warps an active brain, yo.
Silly walks now, making a tiny noose outta something perhaps not too far off.


I think this one was cuter (and showed that the artiste has a feathered friend, so hopefully not deprived of stimulation):

Then I saw this and was all like huuuuuuhhhh???

Ah Japan, how I adore thee.


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