Passengers stranded and Spirit airlines canceled hundreds of flights

Spirit: if Fyre Festival was an airline.


I’ve been in situations with both airlines where I’ve had flights canceled or changed at the last minute.
While United did very little to fix the issue or really do anything more than be minimally accommodating they at least seemed to be contrite and compassionate.
When it happened with Spirit they sounded almost gleeful as they said that they were acting within US regulations and we could always pay even more money for them to fix the problem they just created. It felt like I was talking with a grinning mafioso saying “It would be a shame if you couldn’t find a flight back home…”


Seems all airlines will blame weather for any delay as it relieves them of having to compensate and provide for people.

The wheels could fall off a plane at the gate and they’d claim it was “weather related”.

I have flown Spirit once, not by choice, on a connecting flight out of Phillie to Florida. Was not impressed. Boarding was a dang zoo and no effort was made to allow handicapped to preboard. (My wife walked with a cane at the time.) I basically had to force a path for her to get her on the plane. I am a nice, gentle guy but you cause my wife distress and physical pain at your peril.

Since we were booked through another airline on a code share, we didn’t get all the extra fees at least.

But I would never fly them by choice after that one experience.

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Same here, but from DC to Boston. Thankfully, a short flight, because the seat pitch was designed for people under 5’ tall (I didn’t so much “sit” in the seat as “teeter” on it) and to add insult to injury was non-reclinable. Not to mention the constant up-selling, such that by the time you add the cost of any reasonable amount of carry-ons and/or checked baggage, your total price is the same as that of a normal carrier.

Never again.

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Just spoke to my younger brother; turns out he got caught up in this mess.

Luckily for him, they refunded his money.


bedlam in Florida-da? gasp! say it ain’t so!



…may be several hours away from the airport.

If I recall correctly, it was a Ryanair flight from Nottingham, England to Knock, Ireland.

So yeah - arrived in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere I needed to be though since I was just backpacking around for the year, so it didn’t matter.

Good times.


Good old Knock / Ireland West / Horan international Airport/ Whatever it is now. About as remote a place as Antarctica. Why they couldn’t build somewhat close to any town is beyond me.


James Horan wanted an airport for Knock Shrine.

I don’t know what counts as a miracle in the Catholic Church, but the continuing existence of that airport must surely count.


It’s also been in Knock Airport’s favour that some high-ranking politicians are from Mayo (Enda Kenny, Padraig Flynn, and the gangster Charlie Haughey).

I understand the relative proximity to the Basilica but it was (is) such a pain to get to from the major towns in Mayo.

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It was also built on a bog on top of a hill.


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