Patreon bans conspiracy theorists

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Getting harder and harder for a grifter to make a buck. And, with a defeat for Biff looming, getting harder and harder for companies to feel comfortable making 10-15 cents off of that grifter’s buck.


my previous account was terminated.
please support my work at "SAVETHECHILDREN"



Yes, that’s nice. Thanks for taking an ethical stand at almost literally the last moment, companies. Your concern has been noted.


They came for the pizzagaters and I did not speak up because I was not a pizzagater.

Also because pizzagaters are dangerous idiots who deserve all the vitriol they receive.


I’m surprised they didn’t ban these guys years ago when they had that mass wave of bans for stuff like incest porn. I guess these guys were flying under the radar back then.

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Patreon bans conspiracy theorists

That’s what they want you to think.


SubscribeStar is about to get a huge influx of creators!

This ban is great news. I though that Patreon would never remove these Grifters from their service.

The question is how to prevent the next wave? Future Grifters are just going to change what nonsense they push.

Setting that problem aside for the moment, next we need FDA to go after supplements. That should knockout the simplest revenue streams.


We might get shed of Lord Dampnut’s presence in the White House on Jan 20. Frankly, I won’t believe it until it actually happens, even if he loses the election in a landslide.

But the end of the Trump Era?
There is talk in some circles of Lord Dampnut Jr. taking the reins in '24.

Just as Nixon set the modern standard for Dirty Tricks & Chicanery, and Holy St. Reagan set the standard for Soft Fascism, Lord Dampnut has built on those and added outright Corruption with hefty dollops of Cultism, Racism, & Ignorance.
The next one to come along will continue all these precedents, and will likely actually be somewhat competent as well as a full-blown Fascist Theocrat.
Cotton/Cruz '24 anyone?

Good news about Patreon, though its a bit late.

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“they”. If that’s even “their” real name.

Isn’t Patreon’s liberal bias why Hatereon was created? Also, is Hatereon still a thing?

Consider the constant right-wing anger at Twitter and Facebook, even though they supplicate to the right, make policy decisions that help right-wing media, and limit the reach of left-wing media to make right-wingers happy. Yet conservatives always see these platforms as enemies.

The platforms do understand, though, that the right will bully them and make their lives hell, but don’t really have a plan to do much to them. Conservatives will not actually follow through on threats to make twitter and facebook common-carrier utilities or break them up.

But the platforms also understand that the “left” – which is hardly left of center when it comes to congress – really would like to break them up. And it’s now looking likely that Dems will be in control of both branches of the legislature and the presidency.

Hence all these sudden lurches in policy.


Now to wait and see what Patreon, Facebook, et al will do if Trump should win.

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Jump right back on the horse.

EDIT: imagery.


My imagery: They will – as before – cling to the horse from underneath… and facing backwards and toward the rear.

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