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So a member of BoingBoing staff actually took this training, then? I wonder which one? There seems to be an inexplicable lack of a byline here.


How to code:

Lesson 1.

Programs execute sequentially. Programs can loop, they can branch, they can switch. Whatever you do, don’t goto! If programs don’t seem to be executing sequentially use more mutexes.

Store things you’re interested in using in Variables. Organize things you’re interested in doing in Functions. Store things you’re interested in doing in Closures. Put things you’re interested in and things you’re interested in doing in Objects.

Learn the platform API. It should be straightforward. It is NEVER straightforward. Sample code shows off neat API tricks, and cool language features, and will never apply to what you actually need to do. Don’t worry, however, because Stack Overflow.

Comment your code because you have no idea what you’re doing most of the time. Comments help you remember that time you were so confused, which is worth all the lolz.

Finally, always uses tabs instead of spaces, and only newbs and dweebs put newlines before opening braces. Or maybe it’s the other way around?



An opening brace should be exactly vertically aligned with its corresponding closing brace.


Sweet! Where do I send my dollar?



LikeThis() {



Flagged for obscenity.


Khan Academy is even cheaper (free) and has very high quality programming courses.


Thank you. I will try that.


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