Payday loans for kids


Geeze. Don’t give the payday loan people ideas!


I know that the infantry were targeted by these types. Excellent statement, moving on to actual infant customers. Brilliant!

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Scooped by my good self, though my phone hates me and won’t paste the link… :confused:

Fuck you, phone… Splendid satire, expect the Daily Mail on this soon

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Here in the US there are very strict laws protecting soldiers from this system - but they sometimes get in anyway. In the tax business, we do some thinly-disguised payday lending, based on a tax refund instead of a paycheck. Still, military need not apply.

Here in the US there are an awful lot of payday loan shops just off base.

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It is never too early to prepare kids for a world in which for many of them owning nothing but the clothes on their back will forever remain a distant dream.


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