Peak indifference has arrived: a majority of Republicans say climate change is real


The GOP motto since at least the Reagan administration seems to be “the government can’t be trusted to do anything for the collective good. Elect us and we’ll prove it.”


God must be pretty tired of being blamed for all human shortcomings by now.


Sounds exhausting


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they ignore you again.”




Republicans are still apt to deny the seriousness of climate change, and, to a lesser extent, whether it is caused by human activity. That will change, given enough time

and there lies the crux; we dont have any fucking time left! it is essential, that these people have to understand that we are responsible, not some “yet unknown natural cause” or whatever.


the NYT-article is quite depressing, but a must-read.


My right wing aunt now claims that there is no policy difference between Republicans and Democrats on climate. She claims that the reason we haven’t done whatever the grand Republican plan to avoid climate change is because the Democrats refuse to implement Republican ideas.


Sounds like denihilism.


whoa. That’s hardcore!


sounds like a real trump-ist.


I take it that you aren’t a Wastewater Engineer?


I’ve been expecting for a long time there would come a day when large companies start to see global warming noticeably impacting their profits. This is when the GOP will suddenly say, the evidence is now real.

Some folks will say, so admit you were wrong and the liberals were right for all these decades.

But without skipping a beat the republicans will say: for decades the liberals tried and failed to save the the environment. They are weak and ineffectual. But now we are here to save the day… as soon as you send us some money for our campaign.


I remember an episode of the radio serial Chickenman where one of the characters commented on the star Benton Harbor, “Wow, a real religious fanatic!” I have American relatives that pretty much fit your description of the Evangelical you spoke with. So glad to be an atheist.


I remember multiple Republicans in the Reagan administration/era joking about how “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” were the scariest words ever - while they were in government.

That is exactly their playbook for other issues so, sadly, I’m sure you’re entirely correct with that prediction.


Exactly. I don’t feel like this is a particularly genius insight on my part. And yet I haven’t ever heard anyone else call this out.


EarthStrike seems to be having the same problem too. The movement is split between the radical left and environmentalists who realise we need to do something NOW, and liberals who want to take thing slowly (as if we have decades to make a decision) and are scared by the idea of having a worldwide general strike for the environment (but still are involved for some inexplicable reason).


Along with: your (gasoline/coal-generated electricity/etc) price is going up 37% to defray the increased costs we are incurring to save the planet. You’re welcome!


Oh yes, and by waiting until things are really dire, the price to fix things will be substantially higher. Good thing politicians have out of work brother-in-laws that could use a fat government contract.


A wastewater engineer was a congregate at my fathers church. He was an extremely pleasant man…

He smelled like fucking shit. All. The. Time.


…because that would stop assorted corporations scrrewing profit out of whatever is causing it. And when there is enough money to be made out of trying to prevent it, again the govt must not be allowed to intervene, as this would dilute corporate profits to be made from that.