GOP Congressman DOES believe in climate change, thinks Christian God will fix it


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Don't worry about climate change, God will take care it, says GOP congressman

“It was fine when I gave it to you. You broke it, you fix it!”



My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?


Lets hope “he” starts with you.



Matthew 4:5-7


Are there any climate scientists claiming that?


Or, or, and hear me out, he could go the whole Sodom and Gomorrah route.



Genesis 9:11

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth."

Yeah going by the congressman’s standards, those rapidly melting icebergs and quickly eroding shorelines that will displace millions are clearly the responsibility of man.


And another one:

GOP Congressman Scott Perry [R-Pa] Blames God for Polluting the Chesapeake Bay at Town Hall

"How will you reclaim and protect our air and water reserves with the proposed cuts to the EPA? Do you support the cuts to the EPA? Pennsylvania has a history of environmental problems. Air and water are shared across state lines. Don’t we need a stronger EPA to protect the environment?

Congressman Perry responds with the following:

"When I was in the state house, we had a thing called the Chesapeake Bay strategy, which everybody in this room if you live in this district has to abide by. There was no law. There was no statute. This came out of the EPA, forced on the [Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection] and left some violators out. And by the way, some violators, if you believe in, if you are spiritual and you believe in god, one of the violators was god because the forests were providing a certain amount of nitrates and phosphates to the Chesapeake Bay." -Ragingchickenpress

(Jason you need to send these assholes a couple of your bidets because there’s a whole 'lotta shit that’s stinking up the place…)


I’ve heard “cycles” used as an excuse for inaction as far back as the late 80s.

Is there some part of the Bible that says the universe is static and unchanging? Christianity seems to have a deeply-rooted problem with the idea of change.


Beat me to it!


What part of Christianity states that our actions have no consequences? Oh yeah, that would be the part where some numbskull makes it up as he or she goes along predictably reflecting their unexamined bias in the process.

When I attempted to read the Bible 40 or so years ago I was surprised to find it was the story of good intentions being swamped within moments by busy-bodies and authoritarians re-interpreting them to reinforce existing bad practices.

In this sense we live in an age of miracles.


Christ: “What an asshole.”


And the LORD did speak unto the congressman, saying, “Show Me, where in that book does it say that I’m your fucking maid?”


So by that reasoning shouldn’t we also be able to cut back that bloated military budget since God can just smite the bad guys all by Himself?


In a just world, a display of idiocy like this would be grounds for immediate removal from office, and any other responsibility too. A dumbass of that level shouldn’t be allowed near kids either.



There’s a parable for this…I don’t remember the setup, but the punchline is something like:

And God Replied: “Your neighbor in that canoe, the volunteers in the motorboat, and the rescue team in the helicopter that you turned away, those were all me…”

ETA: "The Parable of the flood"
dang it took a minute to find a source I would actually want to link to…This one seems nice at a glance: