“Man can’t change climate,” only God can, says Senate chair of Environment & Public Works



Two words.
Ozone Layer.


Nice to see that he hasn’t changed over the past 8 years… (I guess that evolution thing is a load of bunk)
IMPACT Press Winter '06: Sen. James Inhofe: Top Terrorist Threat to Planet Earth


They don’t believe in that, earlier.

UV is filtered out by angels’ wings. The angels stopped doing their job for a few years, when Jimmy Carter was in office. Then Ronald Reagan and later Newt Gingrich worked out a deal.


Christ! With Obama then the whole thing must be opening up again.


Here are some wrathful responses from other happy mutants:


If we were living in a crappy SyFy channel disaster movie, Inhofe would be the pompous mayor determined not to let the trouble-making scientist scare people away from town.

He’d also to the last person to die, in the most horrifying and ironic way possible.

Of course, we live in the real world, where the wealthy old cranks who run the show won’t be around to see the shit hit the fan, and even when it does the next generation of goobers will blame it on God’s displeasure over gay marriage, high taxes, and Mexicans.


The only thing protecting us from UV now is the GOP senate majority. And God told Inhofe to reduce capital gains taxes and take out a few liberal Supreme Court Justices or there’d be hell to pay. (God, being a conservative, is heavily invested in the American stock market.)


I’ve reached sarcasm saturation for the week, time to dry off.


At least once a week I ask myself why I even still vote. Next election I may just dust my floorboards and be way more satisfied with the results.


Two words: Douche Bag

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He’s probably the cunt who caused the crash of ‘08 then.
He wants my soul? He can have my soul.
My fuckin’ assoul.


I got THREE words for him.
Chuck Norris.


The man said Climate Change was a myth, actually he said the the world was cooling. Now he admits he was wrong about that and says the climate is warming. So when he categorically states humans have nothing to do with it, I would suggest people look at this imbecile’s track record.


Religious zealots make the best COMEDIANS!

Well folks this is what you get when the politically & economically illiterate get elected to high office.
The KockBroTeaBaggerGOP wear their willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism, illiteracy as a badge of honor.


I can understand the merely cynical use of this argument; sure, score some jesus cred and keep the corporate sponsors happy at the same time, whatever.

What baffles me is how the mind of someone who takes this seriously, or believes it sincerely, works. Last I checked, the bible doesn’t state that climate is immutable and subject only to divine control, so it isn’t a required article of faith even for literalists. Aside from that, it seems like some weird incapacity to understand that, yes, big things are very big; but a (finite) big thing can be done by chopping it into parts and doing those one by one.

Saying you “Can’t change climate” is like saying that you “Can’t move a mountain”. Can I, personally, move a mountain? No probably not, I’m kind of weak and have limited time. However, it should be obvious that if I assemble a crew and start just breaking chunks off the mountain and moving them to the new location I will, in time, move the whole thing. It’s not infinite, it isn’t magically generating more mountain(well, maybe very slowly, if it is one of the ones that is actively being formed by geologic processes at the moment), and there are only so many truckloads of it to be moved.

Nothing fundamentally different with atmospheric chemistry. Sure, the atmosphere is enormous. You, personally, are likely to be hard pressed to modify it much. However, it should be trivially evident that enough repetition will be capable of changing it. And we repeat the steps a lot.

What’s so hard to understand about that?


[quote=“fuzzyfungus, post:16, topic:50914”]
What baffles me is how the mind of someone who takes this seriously, or believes it sincerely, works[/quote]
There’s a saying J.R. “Bob” Dobbs that points to the truth:

“If you act like a dumbfuck they’ll treat you like an equal.”

Inhofe’s campaign war chest depends on things running the way they do now, and his “base” is deeply suspicious of change and government regulation. They’re ignorant enough to think our transportation and energy sectors are the result of a mix of divine providence and the free market, and primed by Fox News to think global warming was cooked up by hypocrites like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi as a way to force them to drive compact cars.


Inhofe should read the Bible. God charges humanity with taking care of the Earth. Really.


Yes, but if you read the Bible carefully and lovingly, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you, you’ll realize it meant “take care of” in the way that a gangster tells his goons to “take care of” a stool pigeon.

I learned this in Vacation Bible and Chicago Economics School.


“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”