Climate change denying senator throws snowball on Senate floor


Denying climate change by throwing evidence of unseasonable abnormal weather out on to the floor! The logic is strong with this one…


The sad thing is that nobody else in the Senate seems willing to point out his complete misunderstanding of the subject. Or perhaps able.
The US Senate of today, as a whole, seems about as up with modern science as the Roman Senate was at the time of Julius Caesar.


I thought we had already established that Inhofe is an imbecile.


That’s politics. When you have the floor you have the right to say what you want without interruption, even if it’s completely stupid. Inhofe is representing the entire state of Oklahoma with his views, so he’s using his time to share with the rest of the country/world how dumb his Oklahoma supporters are. He’s their representation.


Is snow in winter unseasonable?


There really ought to be some sort of critical thinking test required for people who are running for public office.


What’s the BA to BS degree ratio of the senate? Has anyone taken a science course as a non-elective?

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I’d say there’s more BS than anything else.


For me? No. I live in Winterpeg. But based on CNN running a constant loop freaking out about snow in the States, I was starting to get the impression that snow was unheard of south of the 49th parallel.


I think this particular imbecilic horse could stand to be beaten for a while longer (at least until Nietzsche comes to its defense).


Here’s one.


I’ve created a petition to the White House to either force Inhofe to take a remedial science course or wear a dunce cap when discussing science on the Senate floor.


Senator James Mountain “Jim” Inhoffe is as thorough a toady to to the oil and gas lobby as you will find, and a real piece of work besides.

I vote against him every chance I get, but in the state of Oklahoma, he would pretty much have to be caught en flagrante delicto with an underage male before he would lose an election.

We’re stuck with him until he dies or retires.


Personally, I think most of them have a self-taught degree in B.S.

/I’ll show myself out


More Likes then votes - come on you lazy bums!


I think you’re making the mistake of assuming that if someone explained the science to Inhofe in a way he could understand it he’d recognize the error of his ways.

It seems more than likely that he’s simply uninterested in understanding the science, but even if he were he knows his livelihood depends on not understanding it. Facts might get in the way of his ability to give his supporters what they want.


I consider anyone who voted for this politician to be a greater enemy than any young, poor, radicalized groups outside our borders.


If I had the opportunity, I’d like to pin down this twit and ask him what he would expect to see with a 2–4 kelvin change in global temperatures.

But he’s probably rhetorically smarter than I am and would wriggle out of making any checkable predictions.

I wonder if he made the snowball just before the session, or had the thing made way beforehand and stored in his freezer for days. What’s the weather like in Washington DC just now?

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Snark aside, we’re very familiar with snow down here, but over 8 feet in under a month in Boston is record breaking. We’re not equipped for it. Also, Boston is 10x denser in population than Winnipeg, so there is nowhere empty to put the snow. And it has hundreds of thousands of people relying on the world’s oldest subway system every day. And unlike, say, Alaska, many fewer people have things like snowshoes, biplanes, and dog sleds.

I had an easier time than most. I’m young, so digging out my driveway and flinging snow over mounds several feet taller than me was not a huge problem. And I have a job where I can work from anywhere, so I avoided the 3+ hour each way commutes that lots of other people had to deal with.