GOP anti-choice congressman who slept with patients and paid for their abortions says "God has forgiven me"


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Christ, what an asshole?


God forgives but Man judges. I really wish these Christians would know their theology better.


Imaginary all-powerful friends are so useful and accomodating to raging dickheads.

Oh, look, his invisible Buddy’s son just weighed in on his Dad’s forgiveness:


Dear Mr. Congressman, God may have forgiven you, but the people sure as hell hasn’t. Sir, will you please die in a fire?


Good for him. God can employ him then, because humans sure as shit shouldn’t.


See here’s the thing. Asking forgiveness doesn’t work without a willingness to change and be a better person. Otherwise it’s like my special needs sister screaming obsenities and ordering me about, then going ‘I’m sorry’ right before asking for me to do something. She might have developmental problems, but she has demonstrated an under understanding that what she’s doing is wrong. So constantly apologizing after that point isn’t doing so with any sincerity.


Sounds a lot like a line from Mario Puzo’s book 'Omerta", wherein a hit man (one of the ‘good guys’ in the context of the book) rationalizes killing an assassin; he goes on to say that only God has the right to forgive. All moot for me, being an atheist, still it’s a great bit of ‘indulgent logic’ storywise.


I really can’t tell anymore: are the Republicans self-aware enough to recognize that of course all the religious rhetoric is for show, and that as long as it keeps them in power, lies are good? How? How?


God has forgiven him? Really? Perhaps he shoulld meet his maker and get back to us with confirmation.


Of course God forgives him, he originally gained power and pleasure from abusing women and controlling their bodies in a way that isn’t popular with the GOP and switched to doing it in a way that is totally ok with the GOP.

And we all know God created the GOP on the 8th day to serve as his personal mouthpiece and ultimate ruler of humanity, he just decided that was too many days a week later and redacted it from his formal account of reality.


The Nashville Scene has a thoughtful response to The Daily Mail’s article and in particular a statement made by a potential challenger who believes DesJarlais hasn’t changed and says, “These days, every woman has a responsibility to step forward”.

It’s not long and I think worth the read.


Effectively… yes:

Consider that ~10% of Americans don’t believe in God, and not a single soul in both houses of Congress has copped to being an Atheist.


It sounds like God is trapped in one of those abusive relationships.

Low self-esteem issues?


Perhaps… but definitely oodles of evidence of being a low achiever.


The number of nones is closer to 20% FWIW. Although accuracy of reporting is difficult to ascertain due to factors like people being afraid of being disowned by their family and friends if they say they don’t believe in god. Or worse.


Perhaps he is somewhat charming, but I can’t get over the mental image of sex with Uncle Fester.



Not to doubt you, but could you cite the source for ~20%. Is the 20% based on firm declarations…?




A shocking experience.


If only Franken had done this, but his constituents arent tools I guess. Politicking really is amazing theatre.