Video: Young woman screaming that America needs God

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I can’t find a citation for her George Washington quote, but I did find this;

We have abundant reason to rejoice, that, in this land, the light of truth and reason has triumphed over the power of bigotry and superstition, and that every person may here worship God according to the dictates of his own heart. - George Washington

Can I get an amen?


Take a good long look kids. This is what happens if you don’t experiment with drugs and sex. You start looking for highs in really weird places. Now get out there and have some good, clean fun!


We’re in process of trying to adopt. In Texas. I am sure once we get to the interview part where will we support the religion a child had been born into I’m going to have to just straight-up say no and get bounced out of the program, because… well… yeah. Look at this.


Wow, citing people who were at best deists who occasionally entered churches(community centers) as Christian leaders rather than highly literate including the Christian and Jewish bibles as well as much Latin literature.
This girl also apparently doesn’t realize that unique modern US/Canadian evangelical Christianity is only very loosely related to the religion as once practiced both in England, Europe, and the colonies.


Are most of the candidates Evangelical? At best, maybe 2, I’m thinking all of them identify as Christian except Bernie.


This sounds like a rallying cry for conquest, with any non-believers who won’t convert cast down to Satan (that is, slaughtered). So much for “live and let live,” and for the idea that it’s Muslims who are frightening because they want to convert others to their beliefs.

I think Xeni’s right – while this kind of thinking is easy to ridicule, it’s also scary, because it basically is how so many U.S. politicians think. And even if they don’t, the U.S. is still a place where a candidate who seriously wants to be president must proclaim their belief in the Sky Daddy and his superhero son.


Reread that post, but substitue in “Islam” and “Iran” and it would be right at home on Fox. Intolerance of the dominant culture is still intolerance.

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Did you watch the video?


And let’s not forget that “those living this lifestyle” is a not-so-subtle dogwhistle for anyone who’s not white.


No, tolerating intolerance is supporting intolerance. Freedom of religion is fine. Freedom of cultural and religious imperialism isn’t.


He did and saw a direct parallel with fundamental Islamic preaching as often shown in the press.

In the UK we wonder why young girls leave home, travel to Syria and join ISIS.
Here is the reason. The same naive hysterical conservatism leading to ideologically blinkered desperation.
This the next revolution.
God help us all.

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Are those vuvuzuelas sounding at the end of the video?


Of course not. The problem is the broad brush. I happen to be one of those fools who believes in the Sky Daddy and his superhero son. Does it follow that I am a right-wing boob who is out to conquer the world? Just like the sane Muslims vastly outnumber the insane ones, so do the sane Christians, whose only weapon of mass destruction is a tuna hotdish.


Worse, it’s how they have to sell themselves to the public. Whether they believe it or not, they’ll use this as a playbook.

You can work out compromises with people who have beliefs of their own, but you can’t get anywhere with someone who will lose the next primary for not passing a tribal-membership litmus test.


I made it 1:17.

Did I win?


Again, did you watch the video?

There’s clearly a big difference between how this young woman and her ilk think and how you think.

You sound tolerant. She does not.


The 1700s, when wealthy, well-educated white men secured the right to govern themselves and all the women, minorities, slaves, and poor people who couldn’t vote or hold office. The 40s and 50s when white people tried to keep minorities out of their schools and dining establishments and when we changed the national motto to In God We Trust and added Under God to the Pledge of Allegiance and pretended like George Washington had done that 160 years earlier. When the Klan was still lynching in the name of God and the John Birchers and McCarthyists were quelling free speech in the name of patriotism and religion (same thing, right?).

Yeah, let’s definitely go back to the way things were in “the good ol’ days.”


Thanks for the reminders.

Forever wasn’t actually all that long ago.

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I didn’t read Millie’s statement as applying to all Christians. You referenced the dominant culture, but there’s a difference between the broad culture of people who claim on a survey to believe in a particular Judeo-Christian deity and the fundamentalist conservative Christians who advocate for theocratic policies.