Video: Young woman screaming that America needs God

I fully expect the Xstian indoctrinated to believe that hooey about our liberal/deist founding fathers being Christian. but “150,000 kids carry guns into the war zones we call public schools”

dood. whut?


She is a personification of one of the reasons behind my interest in gunsmithing. If her ilk takes over, we’ll need the gear…

Funny how I had never heard of Article 11 of The Treaty of Tripoli until I deconverted from Christianity as an adult. Also, it’s quite telling how they always conveniently leave out civil abuses. lynchings, and the like. Religion and Politics, here in the Bible Belt at least, seem to thrive on declinism.


Someone needs to read more about the founding fathers’ view of religion

The only winning move is not to play (the video).


Born into a religion. L-O-L x10

Texas & Florida, one cage, 2 knives and 5 40oz bottles of cheap beer. The one that lives gets the last 40.


Why do all these jack offs want to live in the 1700s? Shits changed bro.


Millie? Is that you?

Can I get a “Fuck Yeah!” ?

But you aren’t doing it right! Go and open the video inside Youtube, so you can watch it on 60FPS glory!

I thought it was the announcement of the four horsemen.

Out of the mouth of [screechy] babes…

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“Get 'em while they’re young”.

Jesus Fuck A Shit Souffle, what a scary, demented child.

I can’t take seriously any religious nut who doesn’t even know their god’s name. How generic!

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“God, I sure do wish you’d bless America… again…”

Yes, the founding fathers were perfect. Everything they did from 1776-1789 was perfect. The Constitution is and should be unchanging and perfect. God was on their left side, Jesus was on their right, when these men wrote the 3/5ths Compromise into the Constitution. When they left African-Americans as slaves, left women and non-wealthy men out of the franchise, they were doing God’s work. When they said state legislatures should appoint Senators and not the people, they were listening to God.

I hear the Founding Fathers pleading: “Why did you abolish slavery? Why did give non-wealthy white men the vote? Why did you give women the vote? How could you let the people vote for Senators?”

So, her school’s curriculum is supplied by the ironically named: Accelerated Christian Education, a company that provides instruction to homeschooling christians. This video originates from the ACE-sponsored International Student Convention.


The person (or people) who brainwashed this poor child should be indicted for child abuse. Of course, in the process they threatened her with torture (ie, “hell”), so they should be charged with terroristic threats, as well, under TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 113C, § 2340 (2A).


What I always find terrifying about some of these people is that they associate morality with god. As if someone can’t be moral without religion, that it’s only through fear of eternal damnation that keeps them from running someone over with their car or helping out a homeless person.


Maybe we’re lucky that so many sociopaths got religion, then.

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