A Trump-endorsed candidate for Michigan legislature believes birth control should be illegal

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There was a time when a lot of “centrist” Americans could convince themselves that the endgame was not the establishment of Gilead in America. That time is over.


Oh, hell, she is not even outside the Repub mainstream on this. Griswold is high on the list of USSC decisions to be overturned to put women “back in their place” as walking wombs. And the fact that this is a woman making these statements just goes back to the “leopards eating people’s faces” memes. In GQP ideology, women are not fully human, their purpose is to make more men, and to entertain them. Anything that makes it possible for them to exercise control over their own bodies and sexuality is a threat that must be stomped out.






She only needs to go back a hundred years to hear reasons why she as a woman shouldn’t vote or be able to hold public office according the Christian moral order of the day. The dogmatism is a sweet pet who would never harm anyone until it bites them personally.


This is also the perfect Qpublican interview: the host is not only in full agreement with the guest–in fact feeding her talking points–he also he wears a stupid blonde hairdo. What is it with reactionary twits that they feel the need to wear stupid blonde hairdos?


The overwhelming vast majority of Americans - and Christians - don’t want to live under strict theocratic rule.

People need to wake up, become politically aware, and/or put aside their distaste of the Democratic Party and vote. Or we are going to see the largest back slide in human and civil rights this nation has ever seen.


“the reason why Western civilization is so great”

Said a person who seems has never been outside a 150 mile radius of her home.

As far as I can tell, I don’t see a massive exodus happening from France, Norway, or Germany into the US… you know, since the west is “so great”.


So infertile couples and postmenopausal women should be forced to remain celibate? Even the Catholic Church isn’t that prudish.


That’s the kind of position that’ll really capture the support of the average American voter! I’m sure that’s a really popular idea among a tiny minority of Republicans* and… yeah, that’s it.

*Though you’d probably get a lot more Republicans to say they support it than actually do. It’s one of those ideas that sound good to them until they realize it applies to them, too.

Though I recollect a poll from around 2000 that suggested a majority of Republicans were keen on the idea. Of course, each of them wanted to live under a theocracy of their particular flavor of religion, not the religion of the other people who supported the idea, so…


I came here to write “do these people somehow, like, not enjoy fucking?”
But then I watched the video.


Western civilization was doing just fine before Christian moral order, TYMV.


Never forget that a century ago this country experienced a successful political movement to outlaw alcohol even though most American adults enjoyed at least the occasional drink. If a vocal minority could get that shit into the Constitution then there’s no telling what kind of restrictions they could put on sex.


Would it surprise you to learn that many of the American suffragists made religious arguments in favor of women voting, and that Utah was one of the first states to let women vote, the state settled by Mormons?

So, let’s be accurate and understand that it’s particular religious worldviews, and not all Christians that were pushing this stuff. Some religious groups were (and are) quite progressive in their views on gender, race, sexuality, etc, and there are none too few atheists/agnostics who are racist and misogynist.

Lots of people have never been that far from home. They’re not all assholes.


The first thing I thought of when reading her nonsense was an imaginary interview I’d love to conduct:

How old are your parents? (wait for answer)
Are they still married? (wait for answer)
Are you willing to sponsor a bill making it illegal for them to have sex because it cannot result in life?


I can confirm. I actually took a Catholic Natural family planning class. They have the opinion that sex is a gift from God and to be enjoyed by a husband and wife. The pill is bad because it can result in a fertilized egg not implanting. I can’t remember why condoms are bad. I think because you don’t finish inside and that isn’t what sex is “intended” for.

Natural Family Planning - charting your cycle and how your body sends signals with temperature and mucus levels to let you know when to avoid sex during the time you are fertile. According to some charts, if you do it right, it has about the same success as condoms.

If you were post menopausal or had fertility issues, then do what you want, as long as you finish inside (just in case you get a miracle, I guess.) In fact, pretty much ANYTHING goes as long as you finish inside. So there is that.

FWIW, the couple teaching the course seemed to be doing it a lot with out having a jillion kids. It was a pretty frank course. I got the impression that most of the couples were not too keen on it. (You had to take the course if you were going to be married in a Catholic Church).


This, all of this. The people stuck on bothsiderist nonsense and the people that are purity ponies both need to wake TF up and turn out to vote Democratic - blue no matter who. I just hope 2022/2024 are not the total shitshows I think they might be. The GQP has already signaled that they plan on not actual governance of any kind, but on getting revenge and they seem quite serious about that intent.

Side note: anyone know of the best country/ies receptive to Americans that need to leave?


aka Vatican Roulette.