Mike Pence declares stripping women of their rights “the calling of our time”

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PENCE: The cause of restoring the sanctity of life to the center of American law is the calling of our time.

So he’s for abolishing the Death Penalty and instituting strict gun controls - Huzzah! /s


That’s what the caller blocking feature on your phone is for, Mike.


He’s very high on my list of “people I’m glad have zero chance of ever being elected President.”


I’ve little doubt that it wouldn’t shift the sorry mental state of the majority of pence-like persons, but yet the science nerd (in me) would still be sadly curious to hear their contorted response to showing them an image of an early stage embryo and a young female human (would it have to be someone they knew?) and ask “Which of these two are more vital to protect against the continuance of the other?”
Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 07-50-31 Human embryonic development - Wikipedia
And would the response necessarily wander off into some woohoo about divine souls?
(source of image)


It’s been said before, but the GOP is not “pro-life”, they’re really just “pro-birth”, and once you’re born you can starve to death or get shot or die of any curable illness, they don’t care about life at that point.


Stepping stones along the way to complete subjugation of women in America.

Similarly, the banning of mifepristone would set a very dangerous precedent, laying the foundation for the banning of many FDA approved pain remedies used by doctors, nurse, and midwives to make pregnancy and childbirth less painful.

From the Hebrew version of Genesis 3.16: And to the woman He said, “I will make most severe Your pangs in childbearing; In pain shall you bear children. Yet your urge shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.”
It is written by Him, therefore it must be obeyed! /s
This is a real “two for one” verse - maximum pain and maximum obedience.


He’s also very high on the list of Gilead’s potential Commanders of the Faith if the Xtianists make elections a thing of the past.


“And I think the American people would welcome a minimum national standard in Washington, D.C., 15 weeks.”

The minimum national standard the US wants is: women having equal rights. You can start that standard 15 weeks from today, and we’ll all be ok with that. Otherwise, Mr Pence, fuck right off and die already.


Don’t forget national socialized healthcare, too!

But yeah, it’s blindingly obvious to everyone, except maybe Mike Dense, that the GOP couldn’t give a shit about “the sanctity of life”.


Shouldn’t improving our economy and industry be a tad bit higher in their priority now?


I think the American people would welcome a minimum national standard

“For the purposes of a soundbite, I am going to pretend that everyone is cool with this utterly heinous thing that I personally want but for which there is nothing like majority support.”

I think the American people would welcome summary roadside executions for people who don’t use their turn signals.

I think the American people would welcome making it legal to yeet annoying toddlers.

I think the American people would welcome flying Mike Pence on the next Starship test flight.


(actually, some of these sound like pretty good ideas; can I get a show of hands for each proposal?).


Fits right in with these guys…


Driving thru rural Virginia over the weekend in an area where trump-pence swag and flags typically still flew after Biden’s win and low and behold they were nowhere to be seen. Even road side dive bars once covered in MAGA banners were clear of any sort of fanfare. Once common trump 2024 yard signs were missing.

Make of that what you might but hopefully it’s a sign that Pence and or trump have lost their appeal in some places.


They’re pro-subjugation-of-women. They don’t care about babies except as a tool for controlling women. When you force women to have babies they don’t want, those women are forced into the care of men. It’s all they’ve ever wanted.


I’ll never understand why a single woman (or really anyone outside of rich white men) vote for the Repubs. They consistently, extremely vocally, advocate for the elimination of anyone who isn’t a rich, white, male, and yet people line up by the millions to join in.

It’s a real “Chickens for McNuggets” situation.


They are making a (partly) rational decision based on the information that they receive.

The information that they receive tells them that the Republicans are the only thing standing between them and the Godless socialist Democrats who want to force seven-year-old Tammy to attend Antifa homo-communist indoctrination sessions before being sold off as a sex slave to fatten Nancy Pelosi’s offshore bank account and appease the unquiet ghost of Karl Marx.

Also, the Republicans wave the flag a lot and talk with feigned sincerity about how much they love God and America.

You’d be crazy to vote for anyone else.


Nah, he gets it. See his handling of AIDS in Indiana.


Obviously it’s the embryo - it’s pure and uncontaminated with bad thoughts (because it doesn’t have a nervous system), whereas the woman is clearly a filthy sinner as she’s had s-e-x.

Except even that’s wrong, as the GOP do nothing in terms of prenatal health or to aid in giving birth to babies (healthy or otherwise), and GOP states had maternal death rates on par with undeveloped countries even before abortion bans, but especially now. They don’t give a shit about fetuses either, unless they can punish a woman for “not taking care of it.” It’s 100% about punishing and controlling women.


Because women can be bigoted assholes who believe in white supremacy and all that goes with it.