Peak plutonium and a fuel shortage in space

Can’t we just knock on Iran’s door and ask to borrow a teacup of plutonium?

I was thinking that a friendly Russian oligarch would probably be happy to help us out with all of our nuclear fuel needs.

For some reason, I imagine the transaction would be very like ordering a particular high-end strain from a Medical Cannibis Club that delivers. Instead of a free edible with your quarter, you get a choice of ricin, sarin or anthrax. With an ounce, your choices grow more exotic. That kind of thing. And right to your door! What more could one ask?

We haven’t been making it because we’ve been able to buy it since the early 1990s. We build our plowshares out of other nations’ swords.

And although it seems to be true that the supplies have been drying up, I suspect this particular facet of the ongoing PR effort by the nuke industry is mostly yet another scam to avoid cleanup and decommissioning of contaminated sites. The Bush/Obama model for nuke plants is Fukushima - run 'em until they eventually provide a 9-11 like excuse for more oppressive, secretive governance. Savannah River and the other plutonium production sites would cost trillions to clean up - trillions that our government would rather spend on corporate welfare. So they’ll just keep 'em running until they catastrophically fail… into the watersheds of densely populated areas.

A jacket fashioned of smoke? What a curious and marvelous modern world we live in!

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Carve it in my tombstone!

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