Pebble sold 400,000 smartwatches last year




I like this concept for a new smart watch:

Pebble Steel looks fine but 250$ for the “old” Pebble-innards with a better looking case but without BT 4.0 is a bit steep.


They do seem to be struggling with a supply problem for the Pebble Steel. They have been backordered for quite some time… at least for mid-Jan orders and beyond


So that was 400k last year before Samsung releases its Gear wearables and before Apple releases its solution this year. How many do you think they will sell this year? They will either get bought out by a tech company or not exist after 2015.


They may be bought; but I don’t think Samsung’s Gear or Apple’s offering will eat their lunch.
Pebbles are open and compatible with any phone that is BT4 (?) compatible.
Gears require one of 3-4 phones and Apple’s will almost certainly tie to iProducts.

shrug They’re carving a wider swathe in the market so I think they’ll do fine this year. It’s also a great product, own one myself. (And I had the option of a Gear or Pebble)


Do you have the Steel or older model?

The way I look at it, the fact that they are open and compatible won’t matter enough, because if you take the two biggest mobile phone OSs, Android and Apple, and then you break that down and who’s actually making money and selling the most Android in the US, Samsung. So you have Apple and Samsung users operating the biggest chunk of mobile phones. Then you have those users who are willing to jump on board with either a Gear or “iWatch.” The appeal of Samsung and Apple’s solutions are that they are not open and compatible and more catered to the phone they already own. In other words, they don’t need to be open and compatible because exclusivity as a feature works for them. For Pebble to carve out its small piece of that pie and whatever is left of WP users and leftover Android users will probably not be enough for them to sustain themselves long-term, longer than 2015. I think their biggest mistake is thinking they need their own app store with low-res apps. Tell me I’m wrong.


Samsung also released a gear watch last year, so I am not sure this batch of overpriced, under-batteried (?), Samsung-exclusive devices is going to change much this year.

Even the Google Wear products look to be much more expensive, and I’d be surprised if they get as good battery life as the Pebble.


I want a smartwatch that doesn’t require a mobile phone. I need to replace my old school Casio Data Bank 150 calculator watch soon. :frowning:


Why settle for a simple concept watch, when you can have a pretty similar looking one for realsies? My only concern with these fancy new Android Wear watches is battery life. As it is, it’s kind of annoying to have to charge my watch every 5-7 days or so. Having to charge my watch, say, every day? I think I would find that somewhat annoying (especially since I use my Pebble as a sleep tracker).

I have a Pebble, and I love it. One of my favourite things about the Pebble is that there’s a HUGE development community building apps for it. I’m sure the iWatch is going to be well supported, obviously, but I’m curious how Android Wear will pan out. It seems like it’ll suffer from the same fate that Android currently does - having to support multiple platforms, and multiple screen resolutions (and now shapes!). But it’s an interesting time, and it’s so rare these days to see a new (well, new to mass market consumers) product category take off. The last one would probably be the tablet market, with the iPad launch.

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