Pedaalbeest is a wildly cool walking contraption by Aat Dirks and As Lakerveld

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Almost makes a horse sound too. Need one.


It seems odd that he is walking backwards to drive the machine forward. It looks like an extra gear to switch the driving function around would help you put more force into the motion.



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Doesn’t look like there’s any ability to steer it, which seems like a potential drawback…

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This is hilariously inefficient. It looks like it’s fighting back against its pilot every step of the way. Totally the opposite of the way a bicycle really wants to stay stable and go forwards once you get it moving. Even if you solved the “only moves straight ahead” problem it’d burn so much of your energy. (Which admittedly could be a plus if you wanted to get fit while looking like a mad scientist.)

Absolutely wonderful.


Agreed. I think the inefficiency invites a splendid array of differing interpretations.

All hail the glory of art!

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Hail Art and it’s differing interpretations indeed.

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this is going to be the only way to get around, i think, once the machines take over. effective camouflage. mad scientist body on top, robot dog legs below

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