People can learn to echolocate like bats in just ten weeks

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I clicked thinking it was a link to the BoingBoing Store. I am disappoint. :disappointed:

I will be waiting for the Mastering Echolocation Training Bundle.


I’ve heard about this phenomenon earlier and it’s pretty remarkable.

I will say though that upon first reading the headline my brain interpreted the word as “E-Chocolate”




That’s what I thought. I thought the article would teach me how to eat chocolate like bats which I though might be better than the way I eat it.


My Dear Wife has what she calls “Papasan-Locate” on her person, I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work too.


Same thought.

Learn to echolocate like bats in just ten weeks!

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  • Learn how to recognize the difference between a mosquito, gnat, and owl, as taught in every leading bat school
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  • 3 of those 7 hours are included absolutely free
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Retailing for $552,31,1205.00, the Bat Bundle is on sale now at 80 percent off the regular price, down to just $29.99


But can they teach me to be as cute?

bat GIF


Two daughters (3 & 7) who sleep in a bunk-bed in the next room.

My internal body clock goes off about 5 min before they arise and I can tell exactly when each of them wake judging by the volume of the “plomp” on the floor (top bunk is louder)

Bonus dad skill: I know when they keep things quiet (slippers, tip-toe, etc) so they can sneak in a sugary treat. They give me 15 min of snooze time and I’ll let it slide.


brb, trademarking “Bat-Pack”


Sir, your inchoate thought sounded yummy. And makes more sense than “echolactate”.


I’ve seen a documentary where a blind person was rollerblading using echolocation as well, pretty impressive!

I’ve also read that our sense of smell is a lot better than we give credit to, and you can also train to be able to track someone similar to a dog.

When humans can run down a mosquito midflight and flick it into there mouths with a flick of the wrist, in the dark of night, I would then say we can echolocate like bats.

I would say the difference in levels of expertise are probably quite profound.

Still a cool trick, though. You don’t see bats getting out of their comfort zone and getting into computer programming or anything…


click baits echolocation

I am similar to a dog - can I now be tracked? Yikes!

Combine echolocation with Comcast’s access points and the Amazon product mesh network, then you can become a self-driving human!

(Who needs eyes?!)

And here I thought Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was being ridiculous. They were just ahead of the curve. (Zachary Quinto plays a blind character who hides his blindness by echolocating.)

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