People love to eat fermented mullet fish, even though the Egyptian government warns them to avoid it

That is lovely. I had it in Amsterdam.

I tried some in Munich as well, but it was a longer brine I think. Not as good. Best served lightly brined.

Over 80% of Egyptian women are survivors of female genital mutilation. Feed fermented mullet to the mullahs.

Smoked mullet is popular in the F state. Use super fresh mullet, a spicy paprika or cayenne rub with black pepper, salt, and herbs, then smoke it several hours in the traditional 55 gallon drum smoker, preferably one which has not contained dioxin or anything smelly. This can be eaten as a main dish or mixed with sour cream, cream cheese, and some chopped jalapeno.Do not eat mullets with Wildroot or Brylcreem.

Did you eat it with onions and/or apple or without?

Onions, on a bun. With pickles too.

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