People use Sean Hannity as excuse to get rid of pod coffee makers

That’s the kind of cup I used as well until my Keurig eventually gave up the ghost. Now I’m using a small percolator with old timey coffee grounds. It’s a bit more work, but my morning cup of coffee is super fresh and lawsuit hot.

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Even after nearly 30 years, I vividly remember the look of heroic triumph my three dorm-mates had when they returned with a #10 can of Yuban purchased with their pooled resources. You could almost see the ashes in their mouths when I would pull out a 1lb bag of whole beans and say “No, I’m good.”


It wouldn’t be any more expensive than drip if you’re using the same ground coffee. The machine itself can be more expensive, sure, but that’s Keurig’s whole business model. Upselling because of the name and “convenience”.

I’m conflicted. I like seeing those machines die. But I don’t want Sean Hannity’s viewers to have good coffee and I’m afraid they’ll learn to make it now.


Maybe it will make them better people.

But seriously.


My ‘favorite’ (in the sense of best example of stupidity, not thing that makes me happy) are the ‘rolling coal’ enthusiasts, southern truck owners who responded to Obama’s talk of moderation by deliberately damaging their vehicle’s fuel systems to make them inefficient and make them belch black smoke. By doing this, they ended up costing themselves a lot of money in gas, and drastically shortened the lifespan of their precious jacked up trucks.

As long as they BUY the product, buying it to destroy it is a corporate win. Keurig will reap the benefits when these jackasses’ anger wears off and they start missing the ease of cheap, fast prepacked coffee. Ford and Chevy no doubt reaped the benefits of every stupid idiot who blew their engine trying to live up to their ‘prius buster’ bumper sticker. Companies that make sports jerseys profit every time a fan burns a jersey after their favorite player takes a knee.

The common thread: ignorant people lose, corporations win.


Almost reminds me of the “boycotts” of French wines during the Iraq war-- people destroy something they bought as a protest. You ain’t getting that money back, they already got your money for the thing you just destroyed. (I know, it really means they won’t buy any more k-cups, so Keurig loses money down the line, but still. . . . )

Alt header: “People use pod coffee makers as a way to get rid of Sean Hannity” Grind him fine…

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Currently, the Russian bots hate Keurig.

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Heck fresh ground just about any beans and a french press is going to be worlds better than a K cup.

That is true. I have a bag of lightly roasted Guatemalan beans I’m dying to get at. Won’t open it until I finish off my Peet’s beans.

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The lesson here is to never advertise on the programming of douchebags in the first place. No one is angry at the scores of companies who did that.


If we make them angry at America, will they burn their flags?


I’m pretty certain Keurigs don’t sell because of the name. They’re objects of scorn by pretty much everyone.

And they don’t sell because they make a great cup of coffee.

They are, however, a triumph of convenience - no quotes. And that, for a whole lot of people, is all that really matters. After all, if we’ve learned anything by observing human behaviour, for 75% of the people (although a different 75% depending on what it is), convenience trumps everything.

Having worked retail the name Keurig goes a really long way, even though the general impression is bad. Most people that bought one were buying it for someone else as a gift because its “an expensive nice thing” and the fact that its convenient seals the deal.

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Good point about gifting it. They hit a good price point of moderately expensive, but recognizable name and somewhat mainstream so the purchaser can feel there’s a half-decent chance it’ll be used/appreciated.

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Oh, they will make sure those landfills get filled, by buying another machine to destroy, again and again until they get enough page views on their YouTube channels! Gott a piss off those Libtards, amirite? COURSE I am! I’m always right!

What, no videos of douchebags shooting their Keurigs with their guns?
America, what’s happening?

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