People use Sean Hannity as excuse to get rid of pod coffee makers


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If only Keurig would withhold advertising from some program I like! I’ve got a couple of dead K-cup machines I’d love to destroy on camera for the attention of assembled media.
Love to know if any of the ‘destroyed’ machines actually worked.


No still not enough to make me get one of those things that make almost but not quite mediocre coffee.


I KNEW BB wouldn’t be able to resist posting about this.

These people are doing the right thing even if it is for the wrong reason.


Foolish Trumpanzees! If they only knew that their outrage is helping the environment by keeping plastic K-cups out of the landfills.


I have a Keurig at my desk at work. Its convenient for a single cup of coffee in the afternoon and a lot cheaper than our Starbucks cafe in our building. Works just fine for this purpose.

I find it amazing how its right wingers who waste money and destroy items they have bought (like burning NFL jerseys).


I’m laughing at them, not with them.


I wouldn’t say it’s just the right doing this, but you’re correct that their money has already been spent and destroying the coffee makers is only affecting themselves.


Oh, they’ll be back.


Actually, one of the most common fixes is a new basket assembly. Usually about 15 bucks.

Fix them and resell them instead. Take the proceeds and put it in your savings account, or just buy a cheap French Press.


Peet’s ‘Major Dickason’s Blend’ + French Press = Heaven


Heck fresh ground just about any beans and a french press is going to be worlds better than a K cup.


If they want to go back to the days when America was Great, instant coffee is the only option available.


Silly how tribal or cultish that behavior is. It’s kind of magic thinking - burn the effigy/symbol of my fears to ward it of or do harm.


One can actually buy reusable K-cups that you can fill with whatever coffee you want. When i worked retail I regularly reminded customers about it and they always went back and bought them.


Now, here’s a truly BB-ish reply, thanks! (and, to your even better second comment, have long-ago gone back to pour-over…)


I would regularly get returns on some of the Keurig machines. I don’t know with certainty what the problem was but they would fail regularly for some people. Sometimes it’d be related to the heating element or water pump and/or filter from what i was told.



I really want to try this sometime.


That is truly one of the most horrifying images I have seen lately… well played sir or madam.


Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of using K-cups? If you’re going to refill, might as well just do a regular drip. Less hassle and cheaper.