Pickpocketing as applied neuroscience


“Neuroscience” is such a buzzword. People are making bank on it - look at lumosity.com, which has demonstrated no actual benefits at all. But this article contained no actual neurology, or even any mention of any actual brain anatomy. Now that we have this hot new word, psychology has become “neuroscience,” and epistemology has become “neuroscience” and advertising has become “neuroscience.”

I suppose buzzwords are easier than precision, and they also sell better. So now I’m a neuroscientist too!

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At a friends birthday party we had a guy come in who was one of those who could remove watches, rings, necklaces etc. Everyone was sober which made it that much more amazing.

Heh. Yeah, I was thinking “Murder as applied biology!” would be a good sequel.


A fair point, one made through the application of forum posting as neuroscience :smile:

I do think, though, that the article did invoke some actual neuroscience, in the eye tracking study, and also in the discussion of the fact we can’t really multitask they way we think we can (inattentional blindness), something that is leveraged to keep us from noticing being pick pocketed, more than the dexterous skill of the pick pocketers, so I think this is actually an instance where the use of the term “neuroscience” is actually justified by both the article and by Corey.

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I read that in Ralph Wiggum’s voice…


Only one example (albeit an interesting one), which has only a tenuous connection to “pickpocketing”. You seem a lot more skeptical about some things than others.

English or German?


Can you name me anyone for whom that is not the case?

Well, no…but it’s your username. I’d likely say something similar if your name were, say, “Absolute Pacifist” and you were posting in favor of preemptive war.

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Hmm…you might have a point, or you would if my user name was “Absolute skeptic”.

Wriggling. Wriggling.

Fair enough, just replace “Absolute Pacifist” with “Pacifist”, and it still holds.

May I suggest starting a new account with the name “Nitpicker”? It would seem to be slightly more accurate.

“the neuroscience of noticing the obvious point of something, despite a niggling flaw you’d rather draw attention to.”

Right, because you totally aren’t being nitpicky or pedantic or anything…

Run along, little twerp.

Yeah, you are doing the thing you are accusing me of, and when called on it you don’t have any rebuttal, just name calling. Stay classy, “retchdog”. Stay classy.

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