Pig and the Box goes Public Domain

MCM sez, “It’s been 7 years since I released The Pig and the Box, a CC-licensed anti-DRM fable for kids. It was a fun experiment back then, and the experiment continues today: the whole book (and source files that went into making it) are now public domain. Lolipop Jones for all!” READ THE REST

Can someone explain the lollipop jones thing to me?

It is inexplicable. I was trying to think of something absurd for the squirrel to say, and that’s what came into my head.

Oddly, heavy narcotics did not factor into it.


I assume (after a solid five minutes of fruitless but, I assure you, onerous googling) that one of our tasks as The Public is to stitch a pile of individual page graphics and an RTF script into a decent-looking webpage and/or printable PDF?

I was going to bitch about MCM not including a consumption-ready version in the PD release, but then I decided that it’s actually really appropriate this way. Carry on.

That ending was rather creepy (read only the text).

Actually, that’s entirely a question of my being slow. In my half-awake state, I had reasoned that the PDF was largely useless for this endeavour, since it couldn’t be easily dissected for PD use. Logical, but only partly logical.

I’ve added a PDF of the full content, for easier consumption. Thanks for nudging me into reality!

You should see the picture that goes with it…

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