Pixelkabinett is a beautiful arcade cabinet

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Retro in more ways then one; note the graphic on the front, hearkening back to a day when games were 8 bit, arcade machines cost 25 cents and there were nine planets in the solar system. Ah those were the days.


Something about this just doesn’t sit right with me. I think I would prefer the exterior to look more like a Victrola cabinet. Either that or make it just a black monolith. Those feet are bugging the crap out of me.

Of all the hardware choices you have when building an arcade cabinet - buttons, joysticks, switches, speakers the most important is the monitor, and the worst thing you can do is go with an LCD.

This is a beautiful design. And it’s nearly ruined by that monitor choice.

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While it seems expensive, that’s actually probably not much of a margin.
I built my own MAME cab a few years ago. Some people inquired about me building another for them… until they learned that it cost me about $4K (mine was a bit more extensive in features than this… but that price didn’t including anything for my time, just the materials… computer, wood/plexi (cheapest part) and controls (most expensive part)).
Cabs are awesome to have, but I see no way to turn them into a mass seller for less than a few K, even with mass producing the shell of the cab itself… which is the cheapest part anyway.

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Beautiful . I got about as far as , “At $4,100,…”

Can’t really argue against an LCD in a device like this. Makes no pretense of being authentic.

Like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Space ?

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I was thinking of something more like the current model minus the goofy feet that makes it look like something out of Spore.

Speaking of Computer Space, I just read a fantastic repair log of one of the original cabinets.

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The proper CRT arcade monitors are getting real pricey, if I don’t invest in a couple soon, I probably won’t ever. If only I could find a little used Golden Tee II machine in a chip shop somewhere and pick it up for less than a grand.

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