Plants Vs. Zombies #1 free digital comic book


What’s with this game? I tried it when they finally had a free trial and it’s an incredibly shitty game. I’ve given more money to free games than I would ever pay to play this.

Great theme song but that’s really it. There are so many better games for free that it just baffles me.

The image quality is awful. I was excited to have my son read this tonight before bed and it’s impossible to see the words. He was disappointed but still enjoyed looking at the pictures.

We got it working. After leaving the previous comment we went back to the app and the image quality was perfect. Thanks.

Metacritic, a review aggregator, disagrees.

As do I… PvZ is one of the all time great games.

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Personal preference, YMMV. I’ve had the game since it first came out, and still enjoy playing it frequently, even though I don’t really care for tower defense games in general.

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Are you kidding? Cute cartoon violence and addictive tower defense–what’s not to love? Everyone likes something different, I guess.

I’m amused that they’re putting out a comic book as they launch PvZ2. I just saw their Facebook game yesterday… they’re going all out! Though I have to say I’d be more likely to join in the excitement if they were releasing the new game for something other than the ipad. I mean, it seems like a huge investment to play one game… Do they do anything else?

The comic was pretty neat. The art picks up the cartoon style of the game nicely. I’m not sold on the story just yet… and not confident enough to shell out .99 to see the next issue! Today, anyway. Maybe I’ll play the game some more and let my obsession fester.

Protip: The scaler in the PC version is incompatible with many current graphics card drivers. If you want to play the PC version in full screen, change your desktop resolution to something with a 4:3 aspect ratio (like 1024x768) or the game will look like a mess.

Sadly, the majority of Popcap’s games (i.e. all the ones that use the same old version of their “SexyApp” framework) suffer from the same problem. It’s really quite baffling that they have never bothered to fix the problem, even when they hadn’t been bought out by EA. It’s like they’re more interested in self-promotion than supporting their products.

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