Play classic video poker (for free) in the browser

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Granted, I’m kind of spoiled; I have access to a lab that has a modern Game King in it amongst other things, and there’s no locks on the doors so I can get back whatever cash I put into it. (But then, we’ve been so utterly busy at work that there’s been no time to go into the lab and blow off steam generate test data for the slot data system the games talk to…

Plus, I habitually carry a deck of cards with me and if I do get idle time, I pull the deck out and play me some 7 card solitare.

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Played for about 10 minutes. Got lucky (4 threes) once, but when it failed to pay out for a pair of aces a second time, I gave up.


I got a 4-of-a-kind too and then the next time I clicked “deal”, it locked up. Cute but buggy as hell.


Does it cheat like the old-timey Joker Poker machines? :thinking:

Yes, I noticed the two bugs previously mentioned. But still, even if it is buggy, it is kind of a nice game; I really like the curvy, glowy cathode ray tube effect.

Thank you @beschizza for wasting some of my time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It didn’t pay 3 times on a pair of aces.

I managed to be up 30 bucks and just like the casino I played it all back and ended up with no cash.

I didn’t have to drive home thinking about what I’d done though.


@UUbuntu @tcg550

Good news! The annoying pair-of-aces bug has been squashed! :partying_face:

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