Please Diagnose My Ten Year Old Tropical Island Skin Sore

On This Day in Blogging History for Aug 18th, Cory picked this BB post as the ten years ago featured post:

A thing of beauty, innit? Anyway, I was amused to see that the QuickTopic discussion link on this post from TEN YEARS AGO is… still active.

So you have a bunch of replies from like 2003 when it was published originally, a smattering from 2007-2008 (wtf?), a little bit of not so egregious spam mixed in, and now, new responses from here in 2013.

Anyway @frauenfelder I hope your TEN YEAR OLD SKIN SORE is better now. We’re all pulling for you over here!

… but more seriously, maybe someone at BB HQ should make all the old QuickTopic posts read only? :smile:

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