Please don't microwave your library books

How do you know? Never had a cold a day in your life?

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I’ve never had a microwave succeed with getting my food hot overall on the first pass. I don’t know why it would suddenly work with a book.

You mean Cory lied to me? :open_mouth:

Guy I used to work with bought some fast food, and it got cold in his car on the way to work. He shoved the paper bag with burger and fries into the microwave without even looking inside, clicked off 3 minutes and left the room. Of course the burger was wrapped in foil. The inside of the microwave was all scorched and black, and the burger was still cold.


Microwaves could work for some things, I’m sure, but especially for sustained, penetrating heat – what you really need to kill bugs, whether literal or germs – they’re really not all that great. I’m especially skeptical of the effects on bindings and some inks over time, if not immediately, even if gross scorching is avoided.

I have some unpleasant 1st-hand experience with this, from dealing with a bedbug infestation. We finally ended up sealing books and other small items in small bundles in near-transparent, thin black trash bags and leaving them in the sun for several hours. Worked like a charm!

Notably, this should also work for most unwanted crawlies, whether insectoid, bacterial, or viral, as long as w/e you are treating is very heat-stable, of course. Low cost, nothing ignites, and you get a little UV in the mix, as well (use more opaque trash bags if your stuff is UV-sensitive) :smiley:.

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It actually ties more with the effects :wink: It was a plot point way back in Big Brother where Marcus would microwave his library books to break the RFID in there.

I did something like this using corona discharge lamp to generate ozone. It costs about 10$ including power supply.
I don’t think it would work for books though, ozone probably won’t penetrate pages well enough. Vacuum dryer set to about 80 deg. C would be perfect for that task.

Not after borrowing books.

P.S. At least you didn’t accuse me of never reading a book a day in my life.

Can I post the almost obligatory “the stupid - it burns”.?

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Won’t add to fines either. Most “Integrated Library Systems” can be set to check in books as if they were turned in days ago, in case there is a backlog of books to be checked in.

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