The saddest cookbook ever written




And you can’t even kill yourself with a microwave!

Well, not easily.



I remember when BoingBoing was a collection of wonderful things, not unwarranted snarky hipster attacks on microwaves, or the number one.

(Note: The above statement is a meta-snark. I apologize if it was too subtle.)


The title seems redundant. Given the size of the average microwave it seems like any full meal you could cook in one would have to be for only one person. And in my experience if you’re reheating for two you have three options: heat one serving for so long it turns into an inedible dried mass that at least remains warm while the other is reheating, or let the first serving get cold while the other is reheating. Or eat separately.


what is wrong with this book rob?


If I had any Photoshop skills I’d fake up a cover for Cooking a Last Meal with a Microwave Before Killing Yourself with a Microwave.


Look everyone - it’s Martha Stewart’s deranged twin sister!


What about Delia’s seminal ‘One is Fun!’ ?


Excellent reviews!!


You say sad, I say EMPOWERING!


Well, I saw this same headline for this book:

The daughter of the author disputed this view quite well I thought. I bought the book and found many of the recipes very useful.


Well, when Digg died, snarky hipsters had to go somewhere…


I think a scientific study needs to be initiated to see if perpetually lonely people buy every day objects that resemble what they really crave.



Put both servings on one dish. Heat in microwave. Serve on individual plates. Enjoy!


That comparison guide has given new life and meaning to my kitchen junk drawer!


I remember reading something somewhere (I thought it was here, but I can’t find it so I may be wrong) about gourmet chefs who use microwaves all the time. Used properly (ie, not just setting it to full power and blasting away at your poor food), microwaves can actually cook some awesome meals. Dammit, now I’m going to have to go and hunt that article down.


Of course they do. There is no better way to soften 10 pounds of butter.


Well, the article/story in question was about cooking actual full meals in microwaves, not just using them to melt things :slight_smile:


That’s the problem. If you eat a healthy-sized portion the time it takes to microwave it so it will stay hot while you microwave a second portion for someone else turns it into dried-out crud. If the portion is too large then the outside gets heated while the inside is still cold. Also the plate gets hot. My mother believes that plates that are stamped “microwave safe” aren’t supposed to get hot. She thinks the food is supposed to be hot while the plate, in spite of being in contact with hot food, is supposed to remain cold. Go figure.