Podcast recommendation: The West Wing Weekly

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First response: Oh, I should forward this to my wife. She just finished streaming the series.

Second response: Hmm. Maybe I’ll wait until we finish bingeing some of our other shows first.


Currently on hiatus.

The first episodes were good, but as we moved on in the season they started to get even more meta-meta-meta with the injokes (Flentel: the post fade out music or audio queue that gives the episodic release (ex: Toby bouncing the ball at the start of the credits), Tell-a-Donna: The walk and talk where one character (or the writers) tell Donna (and the audience) the context for the episode). Looking forward to when we can have some of the larger cast members (like Rob Lowe, Allison Janey, or even Martin Sheen) on and let the guest shine rather than talk about how Josh Molinia ruined the show over and over.

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