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I’d say then, that that would be the best first reason you might have for getting rid of primaries, without having to challenge the “personhood” premises of the Citizens United disaster.

“Research suggests that primary voters are not more ideologically extreme than those who vote for the same party in general elections, despite the conventional wisdom to the contrary.“

“Analyzing five surveys of primary voters from 2008-2014, a team from several universities finds that in fact these voters “are not demographically distinct or ideologically extreme” compared to members of the same party that voted in the general election, but not the primary. “The only substantial difference,” the research discovered, “is that primary voters report more interest in politics.”



I specifically asked you how American political parties should select candidates and you said, quote:

Followed by quote:

We are not talking about quote:

We are talking about America and what America should do. We have always been talking about America and what America should do.

Your suggestion about delegates, something that America does not have outside of presidential primaries, leads me to believe that you do not have any answers for the big problem that you have posed.

Also, this:

was in reference to this:

i.e. things that work well, not things that don’t.


Seeing others as kin doesn’t mean engaging in ludicrous hero worship. You’re also the country that lied the world into a global War Against Terrorism, imposed illegal and arbitrary tariffs against our interconnected industries, crashed the global financial market and took no action to punish those that you then rewarded, trained death squads in the School of the Americas, ship hundreds of thousands of guns across our border, compromised our health policies by taking actions to try to prevent our government from negotiating reasonable drug prices, strong armed us into an FTA that allows your corporations to sue our governments for passing environmental legislation to protect waterways, arbitrarily block Canadian agricultural imports, killed the Great Lakes, and imposed retrograde emissions and safety standards on our car industry that cause tens of thousands of deaths on both sides of the border, export your toxic culture of racist stereotypes and well,… we like you. Like a sociopathic brother. We understand what you do fucks your people up too. We make a distinction, which other countries who don’t have to smell your farts when you sleep don’t need to trouble themselves with.

And that’s because our inherently better governance allows us to still live better, freer, better educated, healthier, more economically and socially mobile, accepting, progressive lives than you do. But good point, you have nothing to learn from us. heh.

Having warm or positive feelings towards others doesn’t mean ridiculous hero worship.

You’re being disingenuous. Which is skirting the TOS about arguing in good faith.


Kathy I live in Cambodia, and I’ve lived in multiple countries in S.E. Asia over the past decade. If you want positive views on America, then I can introduce you to 16 million people here who know that in America there’s no prejudice. Everyone is rich. An education is something you get for free. There’s a job and a big car waiting for you when you get off the plane. I can find another 100 million in Indonesia who are similarly well informed. In Thailand, another 50 million.

Opinion in other countries, particularly about the US, and especially those whose understanding of the US is formed by the MCU and Tom Cruise movies, isn’t something that you should take at face value.

America is also the place that dropped more bombs on this country in 3 years that they dropped on all of Europe in the entire Second World War. It was that that gave one of the 20th C. greatest humanitarian tragedies, the Khmer Rouge’s regime, the start they needed – that and the war next door that tried to obliterate a 2000 year old culture. That’s the Vietnamese, who are also high on your “approves of America” list.

This is the first Cambodian generation in 40 years that has grandparents, thanks to those two things, and the second wouldn’t have happened without the first. if you want to talk about bad faith, fine. But that’s an easy accusation when your life is so detached from the historical and political origins of the admiration others have your your country.

You’re again assuming others views disingenuously when they point out you misstated facts.

And oblivious to the fact that many of America’s sins you describe were also decried by others nor were they the subject of the discussion.

I do like how you challenge stereotypes of Canadians as being noice and fair.


That’s right… because it’s a national tragedy that we’ve acknowledged, that universally gets support, and because we’re looking for the graves, for the records, because we’ve started reparations, and the government has backed demands that the Catholic Church take responsibility alongside the government.

You think the difference is that this didn’t happen in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania, and on and on? The difference is that we’ve stopped trying to hide it.

Can we please not make this about America versus Canada?

We can talk about systemic problems (which, for the record, nobody here is denying the existence of) without making this a game of which country is the least not bad.


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From where I sit, getting the money out (so, overturning Citizen’s United for a start), universal mail-in voting as an option, and universal ranked-choice voting would go a long way to fixing our systemic election problems.
Next would be either dismantling or re-configuring the senate for more equitable representation, increasing the number of SCOTUS seats to at least 13 to align with the number of circuit courts, and enacting legislation about the duty of Congress to fill vacant SCOTUS seats (and possibly term limits for the court, but I’m not sure about that).
These are all doable, but only once people get to vote for who they want.

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I found this helpful:


But he’s an American. Everyone knows that all Americans are ignorant of their own history! /s


Wait, do you think Canada is doing well on addressing what it did with the Natives, and their current treatment for that matter? Jesus, those are some rose colored glasses. :frowning_face:


They said sorry! What more do the first nations people want! /s

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