Portuguese non-neutral ISP shows us what our Trumpian internet will look like

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I’ve kept shelves full of books and a few IRL friends for this eventuality.

Nice while it lasted, books and actual people are still better.


Ooooohhhh! 1 mês grátis! Tão generoso!


Net Neutrality is too big to be branded with Trump. We were having this discussion under Obama too. Doing so just means you just got 10%+ of the people to be against something just because it was framed politically and they now view it as just a political attack.


Are they selling access to those sites/services, or unlimited bandwidth to them at a flat fee? I know we have mobile data providers doing the latter here in Lithuania. The regular service has a set data usage cap, possibly with a per-GB pricing scheme above that. As an extra, you can buy a themed package for, say, all major news portals in the country, which means that any data usage from those sites will not count towards your global data limit - you only need to pay the flat fee for the package. There are no restrictions either way, and it might be a good deal depending on your usage habits.


Which one is the “VPN only” option?


That is actually frightening to look at.


The article is wrong… it’s really a shame, because like bucaneer said the ISP is selling additional data (10GB per month) for the services and not access to them…

Hoping for some retraction is a waste of time right?


I’m from Portugal and this isn’t entirely true.

You got a flat rate, let’s say, 5GB, and if you want, you can pay for for extra traffic depending on what services you use most.

If this is wrong? Yes, but you always have your standard usual flat rate. This are extras.


I’ve often thought that the quickest way to end the attacks on net neutrality would be to buy ads targeted at the Trumpian base. Let them know that ending net neutrality would let their ISP cut off access to Breitbart, Infowars and other right wing cesspools and they will be marching in the streets. Imply that Hillary and Barack are behind the push to end it and they’ll start talking second amendment solutions.

The Republicans could care less how upset any of us are. Hell, a large part of their agenda seems to exist for no logical reason other than infuriating liberals. The only thing that drives them consistently is fear of pissing off the base.


So it’s just like the usual “pay for more data”, except that the extra data are arbitrarily limited to being used on a few specific things(presumably requiring you to buy extra data in multiple categories if you have an overage)?

That seems pretty bad to me.

If the environment is so constrained that data caps are a necessity; the only button you want to see is “more data”.


Wow, very misleading article. Was no attempt made to understand what MEO was doing before posting such nonsense?

The ISP offers regular internet plans with caped usage and overage fees, SAME AS ANY OTHER ISP and doesn’t block access to any of the listed services. They also offer addons which provide unmetered or large chunks of data bandwidth to popular services, that don’t count against your monthly bandwidth cap and prevent you from triggering the more expensive bandwidth overage charges.

This is awesome. Especially on mobile data plans that aren’t unlimited. you can get a cheaper phone plan, and a netflix addon so that if you want to watch a ton of netflix and youtube, you don’t go over your cheaper phone plans limits just because one service used to much data.

They aren’t blocking any of those services on regular plans, or in any way slowing down or restricting access to them, all they are doing is offering extra cheap additional data to them.

Please, don’t just make stuff up and call it news… smdh.

This is similar to buying an unlimited north america phone addon so that you don’t use up your minutes on north american calls. Doesn’t mean you can’t call them without it, it is just an addon to make doing that not use up your regular plan.

This is exactly what it is, not even remotely close to what the article claims.

You are correct. The article is not.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for a retraction. This has been happening a lot lately. Sky falling articles based on misunderstandings. sighs


Who would I contact for net neutrality? Congressman? Fcc?


It actually is pretty great to get a cheaper mobile data plan and be able to have an addon to prevent heavy usage to a data intensive service not count against your data, like youtube and netflix.

obviously unlimited data plans are even better, but these are able to be sold much more cheaply because they aren’t indiscriminate extra data.

we have similar plans on neutral networks like the telephone network already. people buy them all the time.

That people are defending what’s going on here scares the crap out of me. Have they blocked access if you don’t pay extra? Technically, no, But some of these services will be next to useless if you don’t pay for the unlimited access to them. It is a form of restricting access, and it will make it impossible for a new startup to compete, and it will make everything more expensive for consumers.


Because they aren’t doing that. They aren’t blocking any of those services on regular plans, or in any way slowing down or restricting access to them, their plans work the same as every single isp everywhere. all they are doing is offering extra cheap additional data to them so that users can buy cheaper plans and not be penalized for going over their data caps for specific heavily used services. Super awesome feature in no way related to net neutrality. They can always buy regular data add ons or bigger plans, same as any ISP.

If they were doing any of those negative things the article claims, people here wouldn’t be defending them. The only defense being offered, is that cory really misunderstood and misrepresented what they were doing.


Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.


But critical thinking is sooooo delicious. I wouldn’t want to water down legitimate important discussions like net neutrality or drm with fake news and misinformation. :slight_smile:


Question: What about Netflix bytes makes them easier to transfer to your device/home than some-other-service?


Yea, but facts make it less of a wonderful thing.

I do, however, agree with the implication of the post, in that I think the Idjit Pai is a boil upon the bottocks of humanity.