Possibly the most genius don't-text-and-drive PSA ever

You´re right, I didn´t notice it was in Hong Kong. My statement doesn´t apply there.

This is great for the subset of human psychologies that view themselves as passive characters in reality.

Of course, those are likely the most neglectful of certain consequences, so I will agree that this PSA is quite good.

Some things:

Those are great, but IMO they’re a lot more entertaining than effective

Agreed, though I wouldn’t discount the effectiveness of entertainment. I am a total weirdo, but for me there are precisely two kinds of advertising that work: straight up explanation/demonstration of why product A is better than product B or complete nonsense that is irreverent and silly but not heavy with cliche and then tells me the product at the end. The Nimble ads (particularly the car one) are a great example of category two. The standard response for weeks to people attempting to give me work was “don’t you say things”. I’m sure they hated it.

Oh, and that sort of thing isn’t too great for accident survivors with PTSD.

Word. Or with a litany of other medical conditions.

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if you wanted to do a Chinese-market driving PSA

I’ve heard horror stories. My friend has ridden in taxis who have busted a u-turn on a one way highway because they missed the turnoff and parts of above-ground highways whose lanes end at a fairly unprotected and unmarked drop offs… like, drop offs that go all the way to the ground.

Seemed to me like it was a college project for a psychology class;- invite a lot of students into a small theater and ask them to do an exit survey on the way out. They may have had to provide phone numbers as part of the process.

The low-rez uploads are for the millions of people who don’t have access to anything that will play a higher resolution. If you’re on a $65 box (probably donated to you since $65 is way over your budget) then 480p is just a herky-jerky slideshow and anything higher just crashes the browser. Not to mention all of the people with low-rez eye-balls for whom high-rez is just an expensive waste.

I saw a great on along these lines at a showing of “The Mummy” in Taipei. A trailer with a James Bond “Gun Barrel” opening starts and then it seems like some jerk’s cell goes off and he starts babbling loudly into it. People in the theatre started grumbling and the jerk stands up in the front row and waves them off, slowly strolling off to the exit to take his call and speaking louder to be heard over the grumbles. The trailer grinds to a halt and James Bond throws his hands up in frustration. The gun barrel then zooms in on the jerk and James Bond shoots him dead.

The silhouette of the guy standing up in front was part of the film playing and all of the audio was from the theatres surround-sound system that make it seem as if the cell phone tone was coming from the front and the grumbling from all around.

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