Posts Awaiting Approval and TL3s

A while back the “topic has x post(s) awaiting approval” message had a link to view the post that didn’t work for us lowly folk. You click the link, you get a frowny page.

Was it an accident for that link to ever be there, or was this envisioned previously?

Is approving/denying these posts a thing we can trust to our Regulars? It seems low-risk, and should take a little of the load off our super-busy mods and dragons.

(@beschizza, @codinghorror, @Falcor)

It is just a general indicator that the conversation may not be complete, however this is usually (but not always) spam.

Ok, but who works these? (Mods, right?) And is it work the mods would like to maybe offload?

ETA …Because it just seems so simple a thing for the community to manage, and there’s presumably a reason you designate trust levels within that community. Is this one a good reason?

It was a bug I fixed yesterday, should be deployed soonish …

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