Pre-Nixie digital: the amazing world of edge-lit displays


That’s so cool. I bet it can’t be too hard to make acrylic sheets like this on a laser cutter.


Interesting. Apparently the original ones are in an order that’s supposed to minimize obstruction of one digit by another.

In most types, they are not placed in numerical sequence from back to front, but arranged so that cathodes in front obscure the lit cathode minimally. The digit sequence is rarely given; one arrangement is 6 7 5 8 4 3 9 2 0 1 from front (6) to back (1).[7]


More nixie trivia. Many later nixie tubes don’t have an actual 5 digit. It’s just an upside down 2. I assume this was to shave a bit off of the BOM.


Not 100%. Not yet.


Ohhh, a vacuum pump. @KXKVI had me perplexed there.



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