Kickstarting a next-gen steampunk nixie clock


Call me a purist, but I prefer my steampunk nixie devices to be last-gen.


This is one of those articles that was entirely generated by randomly combining keywords from past BB headlines. I like it!


I have been looking for a kit of just those components.

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It looks like that gizmo from Steins;Gate - now if only it worked the same!

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Was a tad disappointed to see that this one here only simulates it.

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Wow that’s one precision replica!

Paging @nixiebunny - pick up the White Courtesy You’ve Been Outflanked Telephone, please.


Disappointed to see this was not your stuff.

Also, more video of the video-coat, please. From a distance, in the dark.

OTOH, what’s steampunk about a nixietube?

Dieselpunk, perhaps? …but that would be, mmmmmmm!, dials.


##Probably cathodepunk.

Crackle-paint finish, lots of buttons and blinky-lights. Waving needle-gauges. The size of a large desk, and twice as heavy.


Nixietubes weren’t made until the 1950s, so it’s more like atompunk

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We need more atompunk. WAY more atompunk.

Why the Nixie clocks aren’t made with decatrons? At least for the seconds and sub-seconds? The spinning dots would add quite a lot of the period feel, making it look more like an atomic test countdown console.

…also, why the clocks don’t have a countdown mode?

All that’s needed is daisychaining the decatron-nixie pairs in a way that each digit is controlled with a Reset and Increment (and maybe Decrement) pulse. A microcontroller then can just provide the setting and the clock pulses.

Edit: Thought: What about making an integrated decatron-nixie pair? Both in a single tube, with only the GND/RST/INC/DEC signals going out of the bottle?

Awesome, I love all nixie tube things. Good luck to Kyle.

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Regardless of what its called, it’s a cool looking and unique piece of work. Takes a lot of skill to make something like this. A nice take on the traditional mantle clock.

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I neglected to say that, and it was churlish of me.

Lots of skill to make something like this, skill I hain’t got, that’s for sure.

Look at this steampunk ukelele nixie banana clock on Kickstarter on the subway. Just look at it.


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