Kickstarting a backlit steampunk Nixie clock


Ah, but can it register 1% worldline divergence?

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Way to run with the info here:

while significantly worsening the design and charging a fortune !

Who can I pay to make me a plain one like in the Jan. 8 post ?


I used to make circuit boards for building your own Nixie clock, back in the good old days.There are several folks who do that now. There are also people who build clocks for sale. The Google group neonixie has a lot of Nixie clock makers. Try there.

If Onion did a parody of BoingBoing this would be the headline.


Look at that banana-shaped steampunk Nixie clock tubeway map. Just look at it.

The Kickstarter I would fund would be a production run of Nixie tubes cheaper than what’s out there now. Especially if one of the funding levels was a minimalist, classy-looking clock that included them.

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I just can’t stop seeing the electric guitar jacks that look like they came off a Fender Stratocaster. I know a lot of steampunk style is decorative and non-functional, but those metal cables are just too silly.


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