This nixie tube-style clock can be your home's new conversation starter

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Come on, Stack Social, that’s false advertising. There are no nixie tubes in this “RGB Nixie Tube Clock”. There are LEDs that do a poor imitation of a nixie tube.

And what are to make of these conflicting claims?:

  • NOTE: Power adapter is NOT included.
  • Power source: wall plug
  • Cord length: 40"

Everybody’s looking for that utterly unique piece of home decor.

Ours is a Bar, a real f’ing bar, we built it during the plague and yes we drink at our own Bar, you’re all invited, provided you can get here. Look for the name “Che Papasan”, and the noise of music and folks stomping to the music. Chin Chin BB’ers.


Ixnay tubes then?


Seems relevant, seems legit…

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That sound you’re all heading is @nixiebunny’s rage manifesting.

Only if you don’t know what Nixie tubes actually look like.


That’s an edge-lit display, not a Nixie display. Sheesh.

Words mean something.


Stack Social is giving a pretty clear disclaimer in the ad copy: “It’s not a real nixie tube clock…”, which is a welcome change from the many outright false claims Stack Social has made in other ads published on BB. And the title of the post “This nixie tube-style clock” also makes it clear the product is not real nixie tubes, even if the product title in the store is less so.

While these would not be mistaken for actual nixie tubes by anyone who really knows what a nixie tube looks like, they do have some of the aesthetic, more so than I expected - they went to more effort to simulate the layered arrangement of nixie tube cathodes than I would have guessed.

Nixie tubes are sill neater than this offering, but it’s better than I expected from Stack Social, well, except for the price.

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