Minimalist Nixie tube clock



This clock makes economic sense. Those big IN-18 tubes cost so much these days that a six-digit clock sells for over a thousand bucks.


I love this… although I have to confess I thought the headline said “tube sock” and I clicked through to see what a “minimalist tube sock” would look like.


If it makes you feel better at all, you’re not alone. :laughing: In fact I was a little disappointed. Though the idea of wearing the socks @Eksrae posted does not fill me with anything like glee either.

I have found and bought nixies at local flea markets. But I do not have four matching ones. The one tube clock is the answer!
Great idea.

So pretty…

I think my own Nixie Tube project needs a little more work. Plus, does any one know how to stop the high-voltage fly back converter singing like a mad diva?

Even more minimal:

Those look more like… heel panties.

Are are… strangely… alluring…

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I stop the flyback singing in my Nixie watches by turning it off when not in use.

You might investigate using a transformer whose windings and cores are epoxied together.

Impregnating the transformer with some kind of varnish should work too. If diluted enough, it should be able to soak into the coil.

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Thanks, that sounds like a simple solution.

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