Preachy San Francisco fliers scold adults on screen time


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Not enough likes for this.

While I am guilty when in the house I am good at making sure the chores get done and such and since internet is the one media outlet in the house we all tend to do our own thing on our own screen, all in the same room.

But if I am out and about I am paying attention to the outside, the other people, life, what my kid is doing, etc. My one device/vice for then is the Nook and that’s pretty much the same thing as MrsTobinL’s bagful of books for me and 90% of the time it is out it is when waiting for food to be served when it is just me at the table.


Ha! Knew it was my old neighborhood: you go Bernal Heights!
The last village… rumor had it there were still a dirt road or two when we moved in there 2-3 decades ago. Fire department had em pave it over so they could get their trucks everywhere. Might have been an urban legend.

We used to call it ‘maternal hill’ Love walking the hill all the way up to get a nice dose of microwave radiation at the top there, mm mm good!


How is reading a book less distracting than using my phone? What if I’m reading a book on my phone, does that get your approval or does it need to be printed on artisanal paper to properly convey the meaning of the author? What if I’m reading Trump’s “book”?


Preachy San Francisco…

But I repeat myself.


They never tell you to limit book time, do they? Maybe books are healthier than computers. Or maybe you kids get off my lawn.


No. You’re supposed to stare adoringly at your child 24/7.

My parents sucked!



Stop using new media and only use approved old media.

To do anything else would be an abomination and the ruination of children who were perfect back in the day and now are out of control.


It’s everyone’s personal choice, either way; regardless as to what ‘means’ are used to reach either goal.


So, they’re trying to get people to go outside by … putting up notices outside? Seems to be a slight flaw in their plan.


Also, guys. Guys. We need to :heart: each other. Make time to :heart: another human being today.


“Be present for our kids”

…technically they could care less about what you do around your own children, they want us all to focus on theirs…


Hey. Hey!! Put down that phone and tell my kid he’s adorable!


So it was you? :anguished:


:heart: you!

(Is it okay to :heart: an internet person? Because I don’t think I can handle :heart:ing a real person.)


Your mom did, but you don’t see me complaining.


Yeah, well guess I set myself for that one. Damn! I’m not working with teenagers anymore so I’m out of practice! :wink:


I’ve been thinking about this comic a lot lately. The thing is, my son will walk away from the TV to play with Legos or cars or run around, but he will stay at the computer watching YouTube, or playing video games* for quite literally hours without a break. There’s something different there. II prefer the interaction of a game to TV consumption, but I also prefer that he can leave TV easily.

* Mappy, Xevious, New Rally-X, and Pac-man variants. I’m so proud! If he can learn to end game time without a tantrum then I might just acquire one of those Atari Flashback consoles around his birthday, totally by coincidence.


Skinner boxes man. An interactive game is a much better Skinner box than a passive TV display.

I don’t watch TV at all anymore. The closest thing to TV that I do now is watch Twitch streams and talk in chat. It’s far more rewarding playing grabass in chat while watching someone play a game I like than just sitting there on the couch watching a show that goes for 30 minutes but 11 of those minutes being carefully crafted financial brainwashing.