Predatory journals aren't just a scam: they're also how quacks and corporate shills sciencewash their bullshit

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I regularly receive emails from these bogus journals at my University email address. This implies that they derive some income from university workers who want to publish. Not that I have ever written a journal article, although I am listed as author on many articles, as I am an engineer who builds the hardware used to take the data.

Also, some percentage of these emails end up in my spam filter, so they must be pretty common.


Is it wrong that I’m picturing custom built retro looking lab gear that reads out using nixie tubes? :slight_smile:


corporate shills sciencewash their bullshit

Roger That!

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I always assumed that this was like the Nigerian 419 scams. They don’t need to get many hits to make money.


My wife ran into this when she was looking for (legit) journals to publish her required study so she could sit for her college’s specialty board exams. She was submitting to the normal Vet. peer reviewed journals that everyone’s heard of and reads, and she’d get solicitations from “journals” with weird titles that nobody’s ever heard of that they could review her article “for a fee”…

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Climate-change denialists use these journal-shaped dumpsters as pukefunnels too.

The prosecution of David Noakes of First-Immune for his ‘GcMAF’ fraud should not distract us from his colleague Marco Ruggiero, who has moved on from GcMAF to other cancer-cure scams, and is still churning out papers through junk-journals.“eusa-riddled”%2B"marco%2Bruggiero"


Tracking down WASET’s affiliations has never been difficult.

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